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Oh, dear lord. Someone tell me this is a joke.

Picture in your mind the most insane possible story that could be contained in a book named Steampunk Palin. Go ahead, take ten seconds or so to imagine it perfectly in your mind’s eye. Use this cover image for help.

And don't forget robot Obama.

Source: Chris Murphy at Comics Alliance

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Old. That was back from before the election.

Still, it's a real thing?

This is either the worst Political Propaganda or the greatest Political Trolling I've ever seen. 

I remember the old Obama the Barbarian comics. Didn't read them, mind you, but I most definitely saw the covers. From what I understand, they weren't even satire. They were very ordinary stories with conventional plots and everything, the only gimmick being that they used the likeness of the politicians (albeit they gave them the bodies of athletes and bodybuilders). This made you wonder as to why they decided to use them in the comics when the stories had no satire. Seems like a wasted opportunity to me.

her boobs are bigger than her brains, which is not much effort. 

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