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Warhammer 40k from Forge World - I really want to make one of these and paint it as a 30s American Automobile! What would be ideal would be to find a head with a fedora I could replace the spare armour with... :-)


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Are you keeping it as a 40k Astartes marine jet bike? ie a chapter that follows diesel punk aesthetics. Or just interested in making a cool piece of automotive art. If the latter I would just replace the rider entirely.:)

I just want to make it as a cool miniature! As soon as I saw it in White Dwarf I immediately saw it in a high gloss black and red, perhaps with chrome....cruising down the road. I don't find Space Marines that much fun to be honest, I'm more a 'cool evil guys' fan :-)

I would just replace the rider completely then.:) Maybe source one of the Cool Minis or not web store.  I'm one of them annoying old school 40k geeks. Have both good guys and bad guys. Currently working on a Heresy era Imperial Fists army. And a huge Ho trod inspired Ork speed freaks army..:)

I don't know, I quite liked the idea of space armour but with a hat - I agree though that your idea is pretty fun. Now once I make inroads into the pile of things to be built and painted on my work table at the moment...

I noticed too that model, one of the best of the pre-heresy productions in my opinion and it really sticks out from the current "it's gothic cathedral everywhere" trend. The tricky thing in changing the driver would be to find something detailed enough to match well with a high-detail resin model, and with the right pose too. You would probably have to do some sculpting yourself.

To tell the truth, on such a vehicle a leather casque would probably make more sense than a fedora as any unstrapped headwear would most likely fall off.

Bingo - 'Space Marine Biggles' :-)

Yes, do it..:)

I think it may be a good idea to take a head from WFB Witchhunter, and the mini itself may represent some bad-ass radical =I=nquisitor

Or maybe dispense with the headgear and go for a Battle Sisters head - I could see the bobbed hair fitting right in

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