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Hi everyone,

I'm going to be in Washington, DC next weekend. Where should I eat, and where are the speakeasies?

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There's a big white house down around Pennsylvania Ave. Knock on the door. Password is "Sweet Ginger Brown"

They have a secret room in the basement that has some of the finest aged bourbon you'll ever taste.


I don't know if Big O is still up for partying these days. Boy's got too much on his mind to sample the product.

There's this one I've yet to try (brand new, apparently), plus you should try to make it up to U Street and Bohemian Caverns and the rest of the old Jazz Age scene, which is in a big-time rennaissance.  Follow in the footsteps of Duke Ellington!

For eats, I only know downtown DC (used to work there), which is sandwiches or 4-star dining and little else in between.  The street food scene sucks thanks to one company's monopoly.

For sights, too much for one weekend so prioritize.  You can check out the Air & Space Museum and the Museum of American History for some Diesel-era vehicle goodness and the Hirshhorn for Futurist art.  Make sure you check out the art deco doors of the Department of Justice building; they're breathtaking.  Also, the couryard at the Reagan Building for vintage and modern deco sculpture.  Then, of course, on the darker side is the Holocaust museum.

I live about an hour and a half south of DC in Fredereicksburg.  Drop me a PM.

Also, on U-Street is The Gibson as a Speakeasy-type.

Sounds like some solid tips.

The wife and I will be stopping at the Spy Museum and the Crime & Punishment museum on Friday.  There's supposed to be some kind of Roaring '20s event happening around 7 at the Crime & Punishment museum after hours, but the details are slim.  Praying for good weather.  A heat wave is supposed to roll through just for the weekend, which puts a damper on walking everywhere.

DC heat is brutal when it hits. Really bad humidity. Combination of city heat effect and the fact DC is a litteral swamp. Plan accordingly.  Loose, billowy clothing in cotton or linen is best; straw fedora if you have one.  Currently expecting low 90s, possibly humidity pushing 80%.   Could be a lot worse; come visit us in August!

Where are you staying? Downtown?

Yeah, we'll be at The Liaison on Capitol Hill.  With that kind of heat rolling into town, I'll probably just wear my street clothes and save the suits for after dark.

Damn, I was there just last weekend. It would have been an honor if I were to meet any of you. Anyhow, I did the tourist thing and felt fine wearing loafers, a pair of khakis, short sleeve button ups, and a tweed sport coat. That being said, I live in the part of the U.S. were winter lasts about two days and only gets to about 60 something, so... yeah. Have fun!

Sorry about that. I was in NYC last weekend researching a new article series.

At this point though, I'm a little pissed at Diesel City. There was supposed to be a Roaring 20s event at the crime museum on Friday night, but it was just cancelled yesterday afternoon.
Diesel City? Thanks autocorrect!

So, how was the great trip to our nation's capital?

And no, Washington is totally not Diesel City, LOL.

I'm on my way home now. If I had to sum it up, I'd say "hot." We have these things in Philly called breezes.

I took a ton of pictures, but unfortunately all four speakeasies I found were closed. It's more of a one night thing in DC instead of a regular bar/restaurant schedule.

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