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Hi everyone,

I'm going to be in Washington, DC next weekend. Where should I eat, and where are the speakeasies?

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You'll have to explain this "breeze" concept to me sometime.  And sadly, what you felt was what we'd call "rather balmy".  Wait for August when it's 101 F, 89% humidity, and Code Purple air quality.

Hopefully you had some good experiences with the museums and all.  Did you at least make it to U-Street?

Yeah.  The weather was pretty oppressive, even in the museums which was surprising.  It wouldn't have been so bad if the air was moving, but the heat just hung in the air like a wet flannel blanket.

We stayed down by Capitol Hill, on New Jersey to be exact.  The Metro was under construction, so we didn't get a chance to make it all the way down to U street.  I think the furthest we walked was 14th and F.

The museums were hit or miss depending on where your interests are.  I've already seen enough oil paintings of dead rich white guys to last a lifetime, and most modern art makes me want to throw a hissy fit, so we stuck to the newer stuff like the Newseum and the Spy Museum.  I'll post some of my photos here once I've caught up.

Navigating the Smithsonian and National Galleries requires preexisting knowledge, I'm afraid.  There's some good Futurist stuff in the Hirshhorn and the Museum of American Art, which shares a building with the National Portrait Gallery, has a room of Dada and some of the great Gurney New Deal artwork (it's across the street from the Spy Museum).  The National Gallery West (NGW) has Dali's Last Supper, but it's hidden in an elevator alcove and you'd never know it was there and NGE has some great Cubist & early Surrealist stuff (Miro, Picasso, etc.) on the second floor. I'm guessing by your "hissy fit" you visited the NGE basement and saw only the "black square on a white background" Abstract Expressionist stuff.  I'd hoped to make it up there and show you around, but we had preexisting plans.

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