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Hmm, sounds good.
Good day all!

Thank you to Tome for kindly allowing me to share with you here the latest from The Gatehouse and, of course, to post links to things of interest to the steampunk and dieselpunk enthusiast.

The past week was a bit of a quiet one for me, for I enjoyed a brief two-day holiday to the north of Italy, but, thanks to blog contributors Armat and Col. Adrianna Hazard, I can recommend to you their posts about the Etsy SteamTeam and Vintage Photography, the latter being a nifty little blog full of fashion pictures from times past.

While we're in the realm of appearances, be sure to also read my post entitled Way Farer forever, about the lasting popularity of the Ray-Band sun glasses that everyone from Audrey Hepburn to John F. Kennedy to Madonna has worn.

If you haven't read it yet, please feel free to pick up a copy of the latest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette, our steampunk and dieselpunk magazine published every two months. Issue 8 is dedicated to "Forbidden Tales of Fervor and Fright," inspired, of course, by Halloween and the sorts of scariness more than often involved in the genres we hold dear. Of particular interest is an interview with Sam Van Olffen who Tome also interviewed not too long ago.

In non-The Gatehouse news, I must report the return of the Steampunkopedia, containing the vast and most complete English-language steampunk and dieselpunk chronologies online. Krzysztof Janicz shares his latest finds at the front page of the website so that every so many days you have a nice collection of new links to pursue.

At the forums, the Smoking Lounge, we are discussing the movies 9 and Inglourious Basterds (not my spelling, mind you) as well as the health hazards involved in eating biscuits. It's like Jawa said: "No biscuits? Its the end of the Empire, and of civilisation itself! The end I say!"

That's all for this week, folks! See you next Sunday.
Hello everyone! Here's the latest from The Gatehouse for you:

Because it was Talk Like an Air Pirate Day yesterday (September 19), HildeKitten of House of Secrets Incorporated posted one of her home-made holiday greeting cards at the blog. The same card was featured, along with two more, in the latest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette.

Dr Damon Molinarius announced that the BBC has has made its archives of Tomorrow's World available online and I posted a recent artwork of one Mr Wolffe who has much more great stuff on display in his profile.

Keith of The Dino Lounge posted a series of James Bond movie posters, from Dr. No to Diamonds Are Forever—all the Sean Connery classics. For more Golden Era James Bond nostalgia, I recommend Obsessional, an outstanding resource on all things Thunderball.

The Edwardian Promenade is on hiatus for the rest of this month, but webmistress Evangeline has plenty of posts on offer to keep you entertained till October. Read, for example, about the 1913 Armory Show and early twentieth century avant garde in New York City, or watch the trailer of the upcoming film Dorian Gray starring Ben Barnes as Oscar Wilde’s famous character who also made an unfortunate appearance in the film adaption of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

We are discussing Dorian Gray at our forums, the Smoking Lounge. Other topics of interest there this week include Disney and retro-futurism as well as the role of the United States in Afghanistan.

Enjoy your Sunday! And see you next week.
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of dieselpunk! I'm here to report on what's up at The Gatehouse once again so here goes:

We featured Blade Runner concept art by Syd Mead as well as a Kennedy era how-to-built-your-own-fallout-shelter leaflet. Last week was also H.G. Wells Day of course but Dr Damon Molinarius did a much more elaborate post at his blog about this grandfather of both science fiction and steampunk.

In other news: steampunk is gaining popularity in the Low Countries apparently. Last week was the Elf Fantasy Fair in Arcen. Oud own HildeKitten was there and you can see all the pictures she took at her flickr page. Besides there is now a Dutch steampunk forum as well as a new Netherlands-based website. Thanks to Yaghish of Gothic Steam Phantastic for bringing this to our attention!

David Szondy has a new page at his website, Tales of Future Past about the 1969 British science fiction film Moon Zero Two. Of course it comes with all the pictures and wit that visitors familiar with Mr Szondy’s site may have come to expect of him.

American defense contractor Lockheed Martin is exploring the possibility of buildings airships again! “Dubbed the LEMV (or Long Endurance Multi-intelligence Vehicle), the airship is apparently optionally manned, and can stay aloft at 20,000 feet for up to 21 days at a time, while also carrying a payload of up to 2,500 pounds.” This lingers back perfectly of course to times when war was rather more honorable and its weapons much more appealing. Thanks to Drake White for posting about this.

At the Smoking Lounge forums we are discussing, among other things, steampunk and pin-up art, airplanes, dieselpunk fashion and neo-colonialism. Please, stop by for a drink some time.
Hello all! Here is the latest from The Gatehouse again!

We were in a pretty red mood over at the blog this past few days, featuring architecture by the Children of Iofan, twice. Lord K actually posted about them too, right here at Dieselpunks. Other than that, we took a look at God is Red, the first volume of the graphic novel Atomika, featuring the Soviet version of Dr Manhattan.

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, Redfezwriter has resumed blogging again after an unfortunate absence that lasted for several weeks. Of particular interest is this recent post about World War I in film.

Erasmus, who created a series of spectacular 3D views of the 1960s Playboy townhouse we featured this summer, now has two videos available (1 and 2) of the same place, the perfect era architecture and decor intertwined with a great choice in music and the start of a classic crime story!

It is steampunk month at the blog Tor. Steampunk is “really damn cool” according to the folk of Tor and they have interviews, fiction and articles planned by, among others, Jay Lake, Cherie Priest, and Ann and Jeff VanderMeer!

Paleo-Future had some interesting features this week: a tunnel underneath the Bering Strait, connecting Alaska and Russia, and Americans on Mars; two mighty endeavors that almost half a century laster we have failed to accomplish still. Whatever happened to the future?

For the time being, we have dieselpunk though: “We don’t have to wear fancy dresses or have tea parties but we can still be evil scientists obsessed with the inner workings of machinery,” according to one recent convert though apparently the fear exists that dieselpunk was only ever created to get rid of the steampunks who lack elegance and manners. Dieselpunk a “ghetto”? Oh-oh!

In order to educate those steampunk enthusiasts less knowledgeable about dieselpunk (and, of course, because it’s fun), I also write a regular column at Brass Goggles from now on, entitled “Report from the darker, dirtier side,” referring to the words Lewis Pollak used to describe the genre of which he invented at least the name.

At the forums, the Smoking Lounge, hot topics include: classic Hollywood stars; the RPG Children of the Sun which is supposed to have started this whole dieselpunk thing; the latest in steampunk fashion; and the technologies of the future war!
Have you ever read Children of the Sun? It's pretty bad. Reads like a bad history book, and I'm sure there's a game buried in there too.
Good afternoon everyone! This week saw the addition of Mr Sjón Refur’s and his hosted blog Cinema is Cinema to The Gatehouse. Be sure to read his introduction and review of Passenger (1963).

Steamcon, Seattle is coming up later this month. Tim Powers will be there as well as Paul Guinan of History of Robots in the Victorian Era. There will be music by Abney Park, Unwoman, and Vernian Process and much more entertainment, so check out their website to buy tickets or read an interview with organiser Diana Vick to learn more!

Joshua Pfeiffer of Vernian Process also wrote an article recently about “The Past (and Future) of Steampunk Music.” Be sure to read it and if you want to know more about the history of Vernian Process, download issue #3 of the Gatehouse Gazette which has an article by Mr Pfeiffer also.

For your weekly dose of retro-futurism, we have assembled a collection of links related to dieselpunk era advertising for you: American Ephemera, 1970s Ads and 1950s-1970s Advertising, all sets on flickr chock-full of era advertisements; 1920s Transit Posters from Chicago; Fifties Ads, mostly by Chevrolet; and Follow The Sun, an excellent collection of vintage Australian travel posters.

At our message board community the Smoking Lounge, we are discussing, among other things, the 1990s British sitcom Goodnight Sweetheart, guns that are turned into art and “Lifestyle vs Liking the Style,” a big discussion started by Ella Kremper about the difference between liking steampunk and living it.
Unfortunately I haven't got an awful lot to report upon today but here are some of the week's highlights:

Joshua Pfeiffer of Verian Process wrote an article for Tor.com’s steampunk month. In “The Revolution Will Not be Telegraphed: The Sociopolitical side of ...” he discusses the role of social and political commentary in steampunk literature and in the movement which now is defined by two camps, he argues: the apolitical side represented by Brass Goggles and SteamPunk Magazine on the other hand which actively pursues a political agenda.

Speaking of SteamPunk Magazine they have revealed a brand new website the other day, looking very nifty indeed!

For a tasteful look at the styles of a more civilized age, visit The Mid-Century Modernist, irregularly updated but with a bunch of nifty features including post-war architecture, furniture and industrial design.

Please, feel free to stop by at our forums, the Smoking Lounge where were are discussing a previously unknown portrait of Queen Victoria, Hollow Earth theories, the web series Riese and the Nobel Peace Prize U.S. President Obama won!
Good afternoon, everyone! Remember, it is Halloween in just a few days. To get in the mood, be sure to read issue #8 of the Gatehouse Gazette if you haven’t already!

For steampunk enthusiasts in Britain, there is now a UK Steampunk Network that attempts to gather data about all steampunk-related events in one place for people to keep as up-to-date as possible about upcoming gatherings, exhibitions and entertainment upon that sceptred isle.

Blog contributor Redfezwriter has published a little preview of his review of Boilerplate: History’s Mechanical Marvel at his blog that will appear in full in the upcoming issue of the Gatehouse Gazette, scheduled for release 1 November.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the third issue of Steampunk Tales, a nifty little publication that brings you original fiction in the style of a pre-war pulp magazine.

Another new steampunk magazine is in the making called The Concordium. “Packed with large, rich photography,” this publication promises to bring “events, articles, fiction and show you how to enjoy this growing hobby” called steampunk. Stay tuned for that!

And lastly, we want to share with you one artist’s view on steampunk cities: surrealistic structures and miniature urban landscape made from real photographs. Thanks to one “darkeyes” for posting about this!

At our forums, the Smoking Lounge, we are currently debating, among other things, “Lifestyle vs Liking the Style,” a discussion started by Ella Kremper about the different degrees of steampunk enthusiasm; honeycomed London; Repo! The Genetic Opera; and the future of the Royal Navy. Stop by for a Martini some time soon and join us!
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. After releasing the latest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette last week, we will return to business as usual today, bringing you the latest in steampunk and dieselpunk online. Starting this Sunday, we will publish this Bulletin not just here at The Gatehouse and on Dieselpunks but at our very own livejournal also. Besides, we have a page on Facebook for the real Web 2.0 enthusiasts.

As you can see in the sidebar of the blog, we now provide up-to-date linkage to the latest posts at a number of our affiliates and friends. For a more complete list of interesting steampunk and dieselpunk websites, please also visit the main linkage page of The Gatehouse.

Mr Stefan and his Silent Empire are back! See and read about his transcontinental ship canal and maybe some of his previous work while we anxiously await more new stuff.
Tor.com’s steampunk month is over. Throughout the past four weeks or so, the website has published an impressive collection of artwork, essays and original fiction that has kept us thoroughly entertained. About midway through the month one article appeared, entitled “There is Totally Punk in Steampunk,” that prompted us to write up a counter-perspective under the title, “Get your punk out of my steampunk.”

Riese The Series has released their first episode, “Hunt,” last week. Watch it at their website or on their YouTube channel. And then of course discuss it at the Smoking Lounge.

Have you ever heard of Cirque Mechanics? They are a performing group apparently with some pretty dieselpunk qualities to them. Click here for photos. Next week, you will be able to see them in New Hampshire. Thanks to HildeKitten for posting about this.

Japan is quite probably one of the few non-western countries where steampunk and related styles are popular. The matter of Japanese steampunk was recently brought up again at The Steampunk Forum and we would like to remind readers that we have a nifty little page about Victorientalism at the website: a possible subgenre of steampunk that is unfortunately not very often explored. Fear not though, we intend to devote an entire issue of the Gatehouse Gazette to the subject not too long from now!

Lastly, if you are the mood for a bit of nostalgia, be sure to read Sjón Refur’s excellent review of Casablanca at his hosted blog, Cinema is Cinema: “a landmark film that just about everyone needs to see.”

I commented on the "Get your punk out of my steampunk" article, but unfortunately some odd html quirk stripped my comment of its ending. Below is the full comment, if you'd like to fix it over there:

I am very annoyed at people that try to tie steampunk with leftist/socialist politics on one end, or anarchic political activism on the other. For one, because I subscribe to neither of those extremes (and it's odd when someone of a conservative, politically right bent is "middle of the road"), and for another because both those groups, or the people that try to co-opt steampunk into those groups, become exclusionary of anyone who does not share the same political point of view, tending to look down on them as "less evolved" - whatever that means. And to me, that goes against the entire steampunk ethos, at least where I discovered steampunk, which was a "big tent" inclusionary, all-welcoming movement. I think Jaymee Goh said it best in her Tor article, No Elitism Please, We’re Steampunk. When we start trying to force "punk" (or any other political perspective) into steampunk, we rob it of one of its more unique - and endearing - traits.
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