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My apologies if this has been brought up before, I haven’t had chance to peruse all the archives as of yet.

Anyhoo, have y’all noticed that the Golden Age of Radio neatly coincides with what we generally agree as the DieselPunk era?  That being the 1920’s through the 1950’s.  And as with DieselPunk, at least in my opinion, we find old time radio to be in its twilight by the late 50’s as it becomes supplanted by television.   In that regard I would say that DieselPunk is radio, while TV is AtomPunk and beyond.

It’s not just that they have overlapping time periods, I would say that most of the radio dramas of the era were proto-DieselPunk.; shows such as The Shadow, Dimension X, Night Beat, Escape, Johnny Dollar, Suspense, Inner Sanctum Mystery and many, many more. 

But of course you could say that much of the genre media of the day was proto-DieselPunk so it’s the fact that the Golden Age of Radio rose and fell with the Diesel era that stands out.   Although, I suppose you could also make a case for the pulps being a similar case but I’ll leave that for another time or another poster.


Hopefully I haven’t been too obvious for my first post.

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Interesting thought. What we call diesepunk indeed matches the radio age. For me, diesepunk definitely ends with the rise of TV.


This is an intersting take at it. I had never realised that before :-)

This makes sense. Being more of a reader, I thought of Dieselpunk more coinciding with the pulps, but the pulps and the radio shows definitely matched up timewise. I also throw in the movie serials (The Mysterious Doctor Satan? Does it get more Dieselpunk than that?). As a huge fan of the pulps, movie serials, and radio shows, I think that's what drew me to dieselpunk in the first place; I thought that imagery was so cool, but figured I was just a weird anachronism. Later I found out that there was a whole subculture waiting for me!

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