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The SteamPunk Naval Expedition aka 7th Annual SteamPunk Cruise

It is not quite set in stone yet (in other words you can still participate in the FB polling) but the 7th Annual SP Cruise looks like it will depart New Orleans 2/2/19 for 7 nights in the Caribbean.  Currently prices start at about $577.00 and the second person is 1/2 price. 

I am not thrilled about only 7 nights and not going to any new ports/countries but it is a good time to not be in Alaska and the price is pretty good.  Several veteran cruisers have already put down deposits which is a very, very good sign this far ahead.  Many folks just want the excuse to explore New Orleans so we may have extra shore meetups. 

The 6th Annual  SteamPunk Cruise will go to Havana, CUBA.  We depart from Miami, FL on March 12th, 2018 stopping at Key West, Fl, Havana, Cuba, and Nassau, Bahamas. 

Since we mutinied we now hunt down our own reservations at the best price then just link your reservations through the FB page or PM me.  The cruise currently starts at $591.00 which is a pretty good deal for a 6 night cruise even compared to cheap motel con. 


OUR THEME FOR 2016 is…




Imagine 7 nights aboard Royal Caribbean’s fair vessel, The Liberty of the Seas as she sets sail for the magnificent Western Caribbean for our Fourth Annual  Steampunk Cruise. This year’s theme is Time Travel! 

Your Attendance is Requested!

Ship departs from Galveston, Texas and sails to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Mexico!

7 Nights of Literature and Lace on the high seas….

7N_Western Caribbean_Galveston2



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The 4th Annual Steampunk Cruise has been cancelled.  This has two positive consequences:

1) The cruisers are all closet airship pirates so mutiny was inevitable and not totally unplanned for. 

2) The cruise (and an entity of SP cruisers now) not only plans to continue as scheduled but add more activities and the price appears to be decreasing by a couple hundred dollars per head. 

Yes, the time-traveler/reenactor theme is still intact.  

The current fee for joining us starts at $719./do per  http://www.smartcruiser.com/royal-caribbean/liberty-of-the-seas/mar...

Can anyone find a better rate? 

We are still in the middle of one mutiny and the merry mutineers are already planning the 2017 SteamPunk Cruise.  The deal would be January 2nd, 2017 departing from Ft Lauderdale, FL for a nice long 11 day cruise to several new and more exotic ports aboard the slightly smaller Serenade of the Seas.  http://www.royalcaribbean.com/findacruise/ships/class/ship/home.do?...  Inside rooms start at $920./per person d.o.

Some local SP folks in Galveston have generously offered to host a Saturday night Bon Voyage party at 1407 Broadway, Galveston TX "right across the street from the Bishop's Palace" on March 5th.  

All DPs are invited to this meet-and-greet starting at 7:30PM.  Light snacks would be appreciated but not required. 


The party next Saturday march 5th is supposed to be right across the street from:

One of our returning couples has had a family emergency and had to cancel their cabin.  This is sad for them but a last minute opportunity for some luck SP.  The whole ship is sold out otherwise.   They may be able to sell one birth, possibly a double, or even add a 3rd person to save a little. 

Please PM if you are interested and I'll share their contact information or call 907-209-8143.

We just returned from the 5th Annual SP Naval Expedition to Honduras, British Honduras (Belize), and Mexico.  We had a great time but it looks like it will take forever to do the laundry.

The goal for the 6th Annual SP Naval Expedition is CUBA.  The first cruise ship stops in Havana this week and there are so many uncertainties dealing with the Cuban government that we can not book for March of 2018 yet.  Stay tuned for (hopefully) good news. 

We found and are leaning towards this cruise to CUBA on March 12th:  CUBA Cruise!  If you are an adventurous sole who wants to join us we will get you a "reservation number to link your reservation to." 

Just a quick after action review: 

I am glad that we got to visit Cuba which is a pretty island with a plethora of 4-500 year old Spanish mansions.  The locals who we spoke with were very tired of being communist and the petty governmental restrictions by and opposing Cuba.  They were just over it.  The food was excellent but very different than anything else within 500 miles.  Possibly similar to what Spanish food was like centuries ago which is not a bad thing.  The old American cars are wonderful.  We had a pristine 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air.  Even as we were traveling the restrictions were changing for the worse.  Amazingly not only cruise ship and Cuban customs pretty much said "do what you want, we are fed up with this game" but when we returned to the US they were just as flippant about the restrictions.  If you only brought back your limit of 2 bottles of rum or 100 cigars they made fun of you.  A flask of dark rum started at $1.95 USD and light rum was less but who cares.  We saw the original Bicardi's Rum building which is once of the coolest art deco building you could ever ask complete with a big black bat on the roof.  The locals really liked our clothes.

Last year the islands that we visited were all gossiping about Canada trying to buy a Caribbean island for snow birds.  This makes a lot of sense considering how much money Canadian snow birds spend out of their country every winter.  They envy the US having Hawaii and Puerto Rico among other islands.  If Cuba wanted a great economic recovery plan it would be to declare war on Canada then surrender immediately before their former allies try to help them. 

For the 2019 SP Cruise we are looking at either a slightly longer cruise out of maybe Baltimore or New Jersey or a "repositioning" one way cruise from maybe Florida to Southampton stopping at Azores, Portugal, Spain, and France on the way.  These last about 14 days and are surprisingly affordable (maybe $499.+) but require getting home again.    We are waiting to here from folks before scheduling. 

Image result for 1956 bel air

The 2019 SteamPunk Naval Expedition departs New Orleans 2/2/19.   The ship appears to be sold out(?) but we are planning a "post cruise dinner cruise" on the sternwheeler CREOLE QUEEN 2/9/19, if anyone wants to dress out and join us.  https://www.creolequeen.com/ 

After a couple polls the winner for the 2020 SP Cruise is:

Saturday, March 28 Fort Lauderdale, FL 5:30pm

Sunday, March 29 At Sea

Monday, March 30 At Sea

Tuesday, March 31 Bonaire 9:00am 5:00pm

Wednesday, April 1 Aruba 8:00am 9:00pm

Thursday, April 2 Curacao 7:00am 5:00pm

Friday, April 3 At Sea

Saturday, April 4 At Sea

Sunday, April 5 Fort Lauderdale, FL Disembark

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