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I'm looking to update the homepage jukebox with some new tunes for the Summer time.

Any favorite song/band suggestions?


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How about Summertime? Say "thank you captain obvious" Seriously though, I have a couple of really nice recordings, I find one and send it to you.
Once I came across a two-hour radio broadcast of various Summertime covers - incl some obscure and really fascinating performances.
I believe some 30s standards' covers by Bryan Ferry (from 'As Time Goes By') will be just fine.
Done and done.
50+ news songs were added to the homepage jukebox today. Classics from Al Jolson, Harry James, Freddy Martin, and Frank Sinatra round out these swinging tunes from the 1920's - 1950's.

I'm still open for requests, so keep them coming!

If we keep growing like this, Radio Free Dieselpunk may be in our future.

What do you think? Songs, classic broadcasts, and radio dramas available 24/7 ?
Speaking of expanding, it sounds like we will have quite a big site(Radio Free Dieselpunk).
Black denim trousers and motorcycle boots, by Barry Franks
Nice pick. Maybe should mix in more 50's tunes.
Too bad you can't add any Setzer/BBVD/CPD/RCR/SNZ/Puppini/etc.

Add some blues though. Especially Chicago blues.

And maybe some early rock and roll/rockabilly, since that all started in the 50s.

I liked the radio dramas you posted in your blog... maybe a separate channel for those?
Chicago (Chess) Blues would be nice.
Well, what immediately came to mind for me was the song, Summertime. Janis Joplin did a cover of it, but I think she was influenced by Big Mama Thorton, and other artist have covered the song as well (both instrumentally and vocally). I might also suggest a jazz CD that has the same era feel to it, and a very good CD to buy, and that is: Charlie Haden & Quartet West's Haunted Heart. It's done in the style of the 40's era, and has vocals on it by Jo Stafford, Jeri Southern, and Billie Holiday on it as well. They made a sequel CD and it is equally worth picking up titled, Always Say Goodbye.

I might also mention a program I listen to on National Public Radio called Swinging Down the Lane. It's great and has all sort of good music on it and an informed emcee. You can see if it plays in your area. Unforunately the program does not have an archive to listen on line, or at least it didn't the last time I looked. Here's a link: http://www.bigband-era.com/
I found a couple of other musicians/bands that have covered Summertime. Stan Getz does a version, and has played many other great songs: The Girl From Ipanema (might be good for summer), and Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong do a vocal version of Summertime as well.

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