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The Land that Time Forgot was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid... because DINOSAURS! But seriously, a WW-I German U-boat and early diesel-era technology vs. DINOSAURS, how more dieselpunk could you ask?

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Loved it as a kid and I still love it today.
Only ages after first seeing it I realized the script was by Michael Moorcock.

I loved this movie. I was too young to see on first release, but when The People That Time Forgot came out, they put out LTTF and At The Earth's Core as a triple bill and I got to see them all in one shot when I was about 8.

A Great Flick! Love ERB's stories and all of those Lost World type tropes!

Recently saw a remake of this film. = The Land That Time Forgot Based in the Modern Era, but still had the U-Boat and the Dinosaurs! I guess they recognized a Great Idea that was too good to loose! LOL

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