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Anyone else here been following it? It's perhaps the most dieselpunk show on tv right now and, damn, it's good. You don't have to have watched the previous series, Avatar: The Last Airbender to get the gist of it, I didn't, and I'm enjoying this show greatly. The show, like it's predecessor, is heavily anime-influenced in it's overall look and feel. Basically, the world this show inhabits is a dieselpunk 1920s/1930s one with a huge Asian flavor. The music is even a mix between jazz and traditional Asian music. The plot involves a conflict between benders, martial artists who have control of the elements, and an underground organization which is bent on what they consider to be "equality" by taking the benders' powers away. Here's some pictures to give you a feel of it.

It's quite an enjoyable series, with lots of action, drama, comedy, etc.  If you have the time, check it out.

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Sold me.  Do you know where/when it plays?  Or do I need to Netflix this?

I have watched many of the episodes.  I've also remarked to my kids how this is a great example of Asian Dieselpunk.

That seems to be worth a look.

It's on Nickelodeon on saturdays. Nick's website has the 6 latest episodes free to watch, though, the first few episodes aren't on it. I'm sure if you looked around online, you'll be able to find them. They should also be on Netflix sometime, since the predecessor series is on there. All the episodes are also on iTunes, though they are each a couple dollars.

Cap'n Tony said:

Sold me.  Do you know where/when it plays?  Or do I need to Netflix this?

Thumbs up for Korra.

I didn't watch Avatar (the series that Korra spun-off from), but I'm still able to jump right into this series which is surprising for an anime.  With all of its 1920s wittiness, and its cinema level animation quality, I'm really impressed.

I've watched the first few episodes now. While the story is not that interesting to me, I do like how they've realized the environment. They even have the resume of previous episode shown as old film with a sportscaster voiceover.

I like the look of it. Not sure that it's on here in the UK.

I'm sure it'll get there eventually, not sure how many Nickelodeon programs reach the UK, but, from what I know, most of them do.

Mim McDonald said:

I like the look of it. Not sure that it's on here in the UK.

I wasn't really interested in watching Korra until screenshots like these -- and the raving of some of my friends -- got me to check it out. Glad I did. The production design and animation on this show are -- bar none -- the best I've ever seen on American TV. Everything about it is inspired and unique right down to the soundtrack.

I'm not as enamoured with the characters or writing. It's a show that's best taken in a series of good moments rather than by its (messy, inconsistent, focus-grouped-to-death) overarching story. But the good outweighs the bad, and it should definitely be seen by anyone whose interest is piqued by those screenshots.

I just finished it. I thought it was great. I only just started to get into Diesel/steampunk. This show has definatly strengthened my facination.

I was a fan of ATLA too.

I've been watching it with my 12 year old son, and been loving it!

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