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The man in the high castle Amazon series is it dieselpunk or atompunk

I ask this because I just finished watching season 2 and I became curious as to what the people here would think

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Does it involve WWII or an alternate timeline where we're still fighting WWII?

It's set in a  world the axis powers won the war and the us was divided between the Nazis and the Japanese

I need to gives this another chance, it seemed a little slow going, but, wow, what a great premise.

Its especially cool when we see the Berlin of the high castle timeline if it wasn't for all the swastikas it,be beautiful 

As a fan of the show and Dieselpunk, I'm gonna chime in and say it's dieselpunk simply because the 'atomic' timeline is not in full swing i.e. atomic cars\planes\spaceships, etc.

I think of it as Dieselpunk, as the state of things has sort of kept some styles and technologies back in the 40s, even though it takes place in the 60s.

What is wrong with simply calling it Alternative History?

I'm good with that.

Atterton said:

What is wrong with simply calling it Alternative History?

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