Dieselpunk + Steampunk Culture

Name: Lydia Somerson

Alias: The Raven

Class: Playgirl/Vigilante


Game World: Decomocracy Late 1930's Atlanta (with some globetrotting thrown in on occasion)

Game Type: (low sci-fi, medium magic, medium) cheek/snarky/humorous

Level: 2

Experience: 0/2000


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Race or gang/league: Human/ indie

Body Type:   Small

Gender:  female

Age: 26 ish  Adult

Height:  5'4"

Weight:  100 lbs

Eye color:  green

Hair color:  dark brown, wavy, worn long



Strength: 7/10

Perception: 5/10

Endurance: 9/15

Charisma: 7/15

Intelligence: 5/10

Agility: 12/20

Luck: 6/10


Critical Chance %(L): 6%

Dodge(P):  5

Total AC: 19 = 10 + dodge(5) + Apparel(4)

Initiative(A): 12

Health(E): 29/19  =  base health(level 2 x 10)+Endurance(9)+perks(_)



GOV: 0/1000

Underground: 500/1000 infamy

Organized criminals will try to stop you on sight. Hitmen will be hired to get rid of you. Any criminal-related store will not sell you anything.

 Circus: 0/1000 fame

Hindrance (HIN)






*Knowledge Finance(L)=25/100            [--------------------]

-Knowledge Circus(C) = 75/100            [--------------------]

-Knowledge Geography(I)= 10/100       [--------------------]

-Blades(P)= 11/100                             [ll------------------]

-Blunt weapons(S)= 14/100                  [--------------------]

*Exotic weapons(I)= 26/100                 [lllll---------------]

-Intimidation(S)= 14/100                      [--------------------]

*Unarmed(S)= 25/100                          [lll-----------------]

-Medicine(I)=   10/100                         [--------------------]

-Mechanics(I)= 10/100                         [--------------------]

-Locks(A)= 24/100                               [--------------------]

-Explosives(I)= 10/100                         [--------------------]

*Small guns(P) = 25/100                      [--------------------]

-Big Guns(S)=  14/100                         [--------------------]

*Sneak(A)= 25/100                              [--------------------]

-Conceal(A)= 24/100                            [--------------------]

-Charm(C)= 14/100 (24)                        [--------------------]

-Diplomacy(C)= 14/100                         [--------------------]

*Acrobatics(A)= 50/100                        [--------------------]

-Technology(I)= 10/100                        [--------------------]

-Gambling(L)= 12/100                           [--------------------]



Laguages: Russian, German, understands several eastern European




-Exotic pistols(dual weld)

 Damage: 2d10

Effects: +3 charisma, -20 conceal

Ammo: 20/80 (clip/total)

Range: Medium

Description: Nickel plated and pearl handled


-12ft bullwhip

Type: Exotic

Damage: 1d4

Special traits: disarm, sweep, swing, knockback


-Throwing Knifes

Type: blade

Damage: 1d4+2

Ammo: 20

Special traits: Pin(can pin someone’s hand or leg on a surface, preventing attack or movement)



-Black fedora

Description: A female fedora made to keep the sun and the rain away. A must for any outdoor journey.

-Black mask

Description: A mask that hides the wearer’s face from detection. When worn, nobody knows who you are. All fame and infamy gained while wearing the mask will be kept on the mask, making them activate once the mask is put on.

-White tank top(armored)

Small enough for easy movement, strong enough to protect from knives and

Armor type: Heavy

Defense: +3 AC

-Black Pinstripe Coat

Description: A 1930s overcoat. It’s stripes causes a thinner frame.

Special Traits: +5 sneak

-Black grip gauntlets

Description: special gauntlets with rough bumps on the palms to assure a firm and tight hold.

Special Traits: Any roll during an acrobatics or grapple check is given a +2

-Utility belt

-Black shorts

Description: acrobatic shorts to allow maximum movement and minimal wind resistance. They leave little to the imagination.

Special Traits: +10 charm, +5 acrobatics

-Knee High boots

Armor type: Light

Description: Black boots that cover the lower leg. The soles are extra soft and noiseless.

Special Traits: +5 sneak, AC+1


Accessories: Mother's locket (+50 happiness)




-The Raven Racer

 Acceleration: high

top speed: very high

handling: medium

She has a small yacht, and several cars, none modified, for use when she's not The Raven




Sideshow Scholar: Your character has studied into the art of circus attractions and sideshow acts. You start as an expert in Knowledge Circus(75) and are instantly proficient in acrobatics.


Rich:  she has more money than she can ever spend.  Money is not a problem. Anything from a store can be bought, making the only limitation being the store’s inventory. Upgrades only need blueprints to be completed.


Contacts:  The Raven is not the smartest or wisest Mystery Person out there. But she has the money and the personality that allows her to collect experts.  They provide her with equipment, information, and advice. 



Lydia Somerson was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.  Her father is a rich industrialist who not only survived the Depression, he positively thrived, making their family wealth that much more.  Her mother is minor British nobility and a jetsetting social butterfly, rubbing elbows with the rich and famous.  But being so rich and fabulous leaves little time for child-rearing, so Lydia was raised mostly by the household staff of their estate on a private island in the Outer Banks.


Through a strange set of circumstances, most of the staff on the estate are related to one another, a large, extended family of circus performers who escaped Russia two jumps ahead of the Bolsheviks.  Babushka Kolemnikov, the family matriarch and housekeeper (she was the one who hired the rest of the family) took poor, lonesome, excruciatingly shy Lydia under her wing, and started teaching her about the family business.  Under the tutelage of Babushka, she learned arialism, climbing, trapeze, tightrope walking, and climbing.  Under Uncle Dimitri (Babushka's brother), Lydia learned juggling, knife throwing and how to use the bullwhip and pistols.  Under the footmen she learned eastern and western combat.



  • You have a special event at 2pm (museum)
  • You have a special event at 7pm (party)
  • You can always train with Uncle Dimitri in the Cellar to practice your skills
  • The Devil's Circus is calling you...
  • There is a locked door in the house(Master, 100 lockpick skill needed or a key)

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That would require a deplomacy check. Roll a d20 to find out.

Diplomacy roll == Crapdoodle!  Rolled a 5.  Do I trip and face plant into a big bowl of spinach dip?

(haha no)

"I was out of town visiting some old relatives."

You find no hint of anything suspicious. I'll let you continue the talk till the next question, unless you want to end the conversation with him here.

I am so so soooo sorry about disappearing.  I've spent most of December in and out of the hospital.  Getting better now, but still trying to shake off the pain meds (narcotics suck!)

What say we just let Mr. Charming go on, and we'll pick up from there? 

We can take a seasonal break if you'd like, and resume once the holidays are up. That way I can think up of something good to continue the story(plus I don't exactly know what I want to do with the game at this moment due to the long breaks and due to me trying to get my author gig up and running ;p)

That sounds like a plan.  You can get your head together, I can get my health together, and we can get through the holidays with minimal bloodshed.


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