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Way back in November, I started a second Autumn novel for NaNoWriMo. So far, I'm really having a blast writing it, because it's turned out to be a kind of Indiana Jones-ish pulp adventure story, with air pirates and high-flying escapes (hopefully not borrowing too much from Crimson Skies, too). It's about a group of Crimson Skies/TaleSpin/Fam the Silver Wing-style air pirates who steal a cargo that everybody's after and have to hang on to it long enough to find a buyer.

My general hope for this is to have a bit more realism and detail with regards to airships (most of the work I've read using airships glosses over the real-world aspects of the breed, which are very interesting), but striking a balance between that and the fantastical or pulpy elements. I think I've managed to do that - I don't think it's all that prominent in what I've put up, but hopefully it will be. If this doesn't see some other kind of publication, I'll release it myself when it's done.

I went ahead and posted the semi-edited first chapter on my site, if anyone wants to take a look. Comments are greatly appreciated.

The Red Witch of Autumn

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It can't be any worse than Indiana Jones vs the Sky Pirates.  That was the most boring "pulp" book I've ever read.  Instead of focusing on the action, the author blew his word count describing every bolt and dial in the planes they were riding in.

I'm not going that far, but there's a lot of interesting things about the way airships were handled that most pulp tends to gloss over or just get wrong.

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