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The Trilby: (hipsters wearing a Victorian Era hat)


"A trilby hat...s distinguished by a very narrow brim that is sharply turned up in the back and a short crown, which is pinched in the front and indented into a teardrop shape in the center. The hat's name derives from the stage adaptation of George du Maurier's 1894 novel Trilby; a hat of this style was worn in the first London production of the play, and promptly came to be called "a Trilby hat".

The hat resurged in popularity in the early 2000s, when it was marketed to both men and women in an attempt to capitalize on a retro fashion trend. The hat has remained popular with both sexes into the 2010s, with various manufacturers experimenting with different patterns and emblazoning logos and other designs into the sides of the hat.

The hat has been associated with jazz, ska and soul musicians, as well as members of the indie, rude boy, mod, and 2 Tone subcultures.

A notable wearer of the trilby is Frank Sinatra. Sean Connery wore one in the first five James Bond movies, until changing trends necessitated that the suave character stop wearing a hat, lest he be seen as anachronistic or outdated by young filmgoers."

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I know exactly what you mean. They do require some care and maintenance.

Leviathan said:
As strange as it may sound, I found a pretty decent felt hat at the hunting section of my local sport store. Being green it looks good with the brown suit and while being more casual than my usual fedora, it helps in preserving it (if you wore a hat everyday for about 200 days a year you know what I mean).
Yea I need to replace my oldest grey hat... it's a great slouch hat for general purpose but it's just awful for dress wear now.

You won't believe what my wife gave me for Christmas? A trilby! It's not a bad one as they go. I'll certainly wear it come summer when I'm super casual.


Besides, I figure if it's good enough for Sinatra, it's good enough for me to wear at times


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