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as I was traveling lately in Germany, I was reminded of todays remains of Third Reich Architecture (though not many, and sometimes hidden) again, and remembered this site:


hope you enjoy.

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Great photos - it's a great question for monuments preservation; how much money do you put into preserving 1930s architecture in Germany and Italy? Is it right to allow important parts of one's cultural heritage disappear because the political systems which created them are ones you'd rather forget?

I'm not sure if anybody else has noticed, but on WiFit there is one of the bits of the Island where you go "running" through this long cliffside tunnel which always makes me think of something Albert Speer might have designed...

exactly the point, Andy. In Germany the trend is to forget both the fascist and the communist part of history, incl architectural remains eradicated. Instead they re-build the Berlin City Palais of Frederic the Great. So yes its definitely the ruling system who decides what to preserve and what to demolish or forget.

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