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I hadn't thought of this before, but Tome mentioned in his recent interview with Pink Raygun that Batman: The Animated Series (and I would add Tim Burton's Batman, which inspired the cartoon) are very much in the dieselpunk genre. And in retrospect I think that's why I really loved the movie and the cartoon series that it spawned. It's very noir, with dark, gothic angles and the characters also dress in diesel-era styles with fedoras and long coats (and particularly the Joker with his garish zoot suit riff). A massive industrialized city, where the police patrol the skies with zeppelins. They don't even have color TV!

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have always thought this, the cars, gotham city, some of the female charactors hair design, and costume, I 100% agree! yea! dark cartoon deisel!
I use to think of it as of Dieselpunk classic.
I loved the cartoon series. I concur 100% Dieselpunk.
The writers took a lot of inspiration from classic noir films as well.

Remember the one where the two Gotham kids are playing in the train yard and one gets hurt; they grow up, and one is a priest and the other is a criminal being chased by Batman?

It's based on a 1938 James Cagney classic "Angels with Dirty Faces."

I agree completely. Both are indeed very dieselpunk. Even something as simple as the dress of characters. A lot of pseudo-1940's dress for the men such as Fedora's.

I love both shows.
Here's a tip for all you computer geeks out there.

PlayOn is a piece of software that allows you to stream internet videos from your computer to your Playstation 3, XBox360, or other gaming system. Normally, PlayOn comes preset with websites like Hulu and YouTube, but you can also download other "channels" that offer a wider selection of videos devoted to a single topic (like Sports or Gardening).

One of those channels, KidsWB, offers a ton of Batman: The Animated Series episodes for free (and it's legal too). I believe DC Comics has a channel too, but they don't offer too many Batman cartoons yet.

It's worth checking out if you're a fan and don't have the money for the DVD sets.

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