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Just check out the Diesel powered coolness of one Lando Calrissian..


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I never doubted that Star Wars has a ton of Dieselpunk themes. You got your badass adventurers/smugglers, ace pilots, an evil empire who're trying to oppress the people, the ragtag rebels fighting back, a cool ship that's been heavily modified, eyeball-to-eyeball dogfights, daring attacks, pretty, yet deadly, princesses, a dirty and gritty look and feel to it (at least in the original trilogy). Come on, all they needed was to say 'I love the smell of kerosene in the morning' and it would all be set.

You can, of course, replace kerosene with petrol, aviation fuel, jet fuel, or what have you.

So your argument is that Lando is wearing a nice jacket, therefore dieselpunk?

Its just a style of coat he is wearing. That doesn't mean Lando's suddenly a dieselpunk character.

Salim, those are general themes and tropes. Not "Dieslepunk themes". ;)

The dieselpunk I've seen has been fairly light on pretty, but deadly, princesses.

Seems like an oversight to me!  Everything's Better with Deadly Princesses after all!

Atterton said:

The dieselpunk I've seen has been fairly light on pretty, but deadly, princesses.

Star Wars and Dieselpunk come from the same source of inspiration, the old pulp serials, but that does NOT make Star Wars, Dieselpunk.

Edit- Star Wars was also heavily inspired by westerns and Asian cinema, does that make it a western, or Asian? No, it doesn't.


I submit that Dieselpunk is anything from or inspired by the diesel era. Star Wars is heavily laced with style and conventions from the 20s - 40s, so yes I consider it DP.

We'll be discussing this on an upcoming episode of the Diesel Powered Podcast with none other than the founder and co-host of the Force Cast podcast and fellow retronaut, Jason Swank! He'll be joining us in studio for the April 18th show!



Well that would be a whole lot of stuff then.

Anything from or inspired by "the diesel era" is way too broad a defintion, IMO.
And has to be more than simply Lando is wearing a jacket while Han is wearing a vest.

To be Dieselpunk, there really should be references to actual diesel and the futuristic tech derived from diesel power, with the artistic vision of the associated era (primarily streamline moderne in the case of Dieselpunk as opposed to googie in the case of Atompunk). Dieselpunk should also have some overtly punk elements in the detailing and accessories: hairstyle, jewelry, piercings and/or tattoos - best when the jewelry and tattoos reflect images associated with diesel-specific image icons.

Lando's costume is just classic Science Fantasy.

Vodoun: Does that mean Sky Captain is not dieselpunk, since it lacks any tattoos or coloured mohawks?

Vodoun posted an interesting comment and request on the website for The Diesel Powered Podcast at http://dieselpoweredpodcast.wordpress.com about this very subject. There seem to be several camps in the Dieselpunk community about what qualifies. And within those camps there are even subsets - Cosplayers, crafters, gamers, artists, and lifestylers. I am a lifestyler. That means I am not just an appreciated of the fashion, art, music, and culture of the diesel era, but rather I live it everyday. I dress in diesel era inspired suits (thank God not everything is made of wool today) I listen to period or period inspired music, and I watch movies and read books from or set in the period. But my definition of the period is broad (but not so broad as to include Mad Max) and I live my diesel everyday. I have no piercings, no tattoos. John Carter is DieselpunkFlash Gordon is DieselpunkBuck Rogers is DieselpunkAnd for me, because the Star Wars universe springs from those sources directly, for me, it is so full of Diesel it qualifies. Allow me the marriage of my passions. As Larry Amyett has so perfectly put it on the podcast, "It's whatever you want it to be."

Atterton said:

Vodoun: Does that mean Sky Captain is not dieselpunk, since it lacks any tattoos or coloured mohawks?

So there are no rules anymore, any genre can be whatever I want it to be? That's ridiculous.

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