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Forgive me all those teeth on the floor - it must have fallen out when my jaw hit the floor after watching just another episode of True Detective. But what's that mighty force that left me awestruck and astonished? Oh, just a neo-noir, southern gothic story with tangible lovecraftian influences.

And. It's. Great.

While not certainly dieselpunk, it's 100% noir and 100% fitting under tags we all seek for. There's a mystery, there's tough detectives, there's seductive gals, there's doggone King in Yellow! And Louisiana is where it all happens - the most atmospheric state out there. How can that not be cool, eh?! I wholeheartedly suggest people who haven't given it a shot do it now. It's really this good.

Just for the record: the theme's also giving me goosebumps.


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I've seen the first three episodes and I love this series.

While it's not literally Lovecraft (The King in Yellow was written by Chambers, who was a heavy influence on Lovecraft), the storytelling does project the feeling that there's something much bigger out there in the universe and it doesn't care about us at all.

I just had a look to the Wikipedia entry. Hey, this series sounds really cool! 

I'm certainly going to give it go. 

Thanks for posting about it. I didn't know it existed.

Hi again, Bobby. Do you know a place where I can watch the series in streaming (from Italy)? I looked everywhere, but the only place I could actually start the video had subtitles as big as a house. I can't watch a movie like that :-(

It's on HBO, and they're fiercely protective of their properties (trust me on this one).

Do you have access to HBOgo.com?

Just tried. They say I have to reside in the US :-(

Ehhh... I suppose I have to be patient and wait for the price of the dvd to go down. It's £ 28.00 on Amazon UK, now. I'm not going to pay that much. I did it for Boardwalk Empire and now it only costs £ 14.00

Bummer.  Season two should be spinning up soon, meaning that Season One will be available on DVD/BluRay.

Amazon.com has 10 June as the release date.

I've noticed that often the price goes down as the reliese date comes closer. I'll keep an eye out for it. Goes in the wish list :-)

Oh, I wasn't around but it seems you coped with it yourselves, boys. I'm lucky enough my country provides me with up-to-date HBO programme here in Poland so I can actually follow, yet I'm pretty surprised you're unable do to so down in Italy. Huh, let's call it our virtue then :D

I'm enjoying 5th episode so far and I'm completely amazed by Matthew McConaughey's role - he's put himself up on the wall of my personal hall of fame.

That's so unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bobby C. said:

I'm lucky enough my country provides me with up-to-date HBO programme here in Poland so I can actually follow, yet I'm pretty surprised you're unable do to so down in Italy. 

Hey, Bobby, wait a moment. And what is the site you're are watching it on? 

I can't say I much liked it. Nothing happened for three episodes, and then they build up a mystery that they never solve.

I beg your pardon, Jazz, I was off for a few days. HBO Go Poland is where I can watch any episode I want. Are you sure, you don't have such possibility?

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