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This weekend is the Winter Tweed Ride here in Sacramento. I decided to add this in here, just in case there's that slim chance that someone sees this, and would be interested. Short notice, I know, and we're all very spread out on this site, but it doesn't hurt anything to mention it. And hey, if you're not around here, but it does sound interesting, there are tweed rides all over, so you can look into it.

Unlike many other bicycle rides that I participate in, much of the emphasis of the tweed rides are the lunch stop. We don't just stop at a bar or restaurant like most bike rides. We picnic, and folks pack some amazing stuff. You'll see full silver tea sets, elaborate cheese, meats, and wine spreads. Last year, we brought the things to make and hand out gin 'n' tonics to the crowd. It's great fun. Here are a few pics from last year:

Here is the FB event page, or you can ask me, and I'll answer any questions, in case you don't have a FB account.

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