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Hey guys, I think we should all work on uploading more dieselpunk related youtube content.

When I type dieselpunk the 3 first videos are about a dieselpunk amplifier (by user garagemonkeysan, a very good example of the type of projects that should be there more), a raygun commercial and the codename: eagle intro movie.

When I type in steampunk, however, there are tons more content ready to watch. The Steampunk Exhibition for starters, the "what is steampunk" video, and the "how to make a steampunk outfit" video.

As of now I think a "what is dieselpunk" introduction video would be great. Tome, perhaps an official representation of dieselpunks.org in youtube would be useful. I have experience in youtube, perhaps I could take care of that? :D

We should also make videos pertaining those amazing inventions/vehicules that fit the dieselpunk tag, since many people here are very knowledgeable in history on that regard.

Also, drachenlady and Sgt Monster could upload videos of their works-in-progress/finished workds, namely your "diesel bike" (am i right drachenlady?) and Sgt Monster's modded 1978 motorbike.

What do y'all think about this? Like I said, I have some availability to manage the youtube channel, and I can help upload the videos

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Sure thing. Go for it.
I just searched key word "dieselpunk" on You Tube and there's some interesting hits.

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