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Vernian Process - Behold the Machine LP (Free to download)

Hello all,

Vernian Process is proud to announce the pre-release version of our album "Behold the Machine". Featuring 14 tracks of Steamwave goodness. At this time, the album will only be available in digital download format but the download is free. The pre-release mix will differ only in a few minor ways from the final mix. For one, we haven't completely mastered the album, and a few songs need some minor tweaks to sound the way we intended them to. But other than that, this is pretty damn close to what the final album is going to sound like.

Download Here!!

We ran into some unforeseen financial hardships during our tour (chief among them... a crack in the rental van windshield that came up to about $600 in repairs) which has prevented us from being able to manufacture the official barcoded CDs and booklets for the time being. However we have set up a ChipIn widget to help with the repairs, and the co... (we have raised a little over $250 so far). If you download the album, we encourage you to try and help donate to this cause. Anything and everything helps. We also have some free wallpapers featuring Myke Amend's fantastic artwork for our album available in various dimensions (see below). I am also working on a behind the scenes web page with stories about each of the tracks on the album and how they came to be, including mp3 samples of the various versions of some of the songs. Leading from their inception in 2006-2008, to the final mixes present on the album. I figured that it would be a neat way to show the evolution of the project from a solo act, to a full fledged band lineup, and the changes that evolution made to the overall sound of the project.

Wallpaper Links: 640x480

Cheers, Josh, Martin, Janus, Ash, and Heather

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That is some amazing artwork.
Loved it. Alchemist's Vision is brilliant
Downloading it now ^^
Thanks guys!
BTW, just listened to first 6 tracks and its absolutely amazing. I love the intensity of the sound and the lyrics. Keep up the good work!
Just discovered Vernian Process and can't stop listening to these recordings tonight, it's smashing.

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