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They were playing "Flying Down to Rio" in the lobby this morning

Walked into the office today to see the end of Flying Down to Rio being played on Comcast's 996 x 300 inch HDTV.

It was surreal to say the least, but it brought a smile to my face for the 10 seconds it took me to cross the lobby.

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One of my favs.  You'll have to add this to the "Diesel in the Derndest Places" thread (my solo post there is so lonely...)!  Corporate lobbies have to be one of the last places to expect FDtR.

I honestly may have just stood there and watched it..

I love that film! Ginger Rogers is fantastic.

That's great!

Looks like they were playing a Ziegfeld musical in the lobby today.

Can anyone identify this scene?

Lordy, Tome, your lobby rocks!

BTW the scene is "By a Waterfall" from Busby Berekley's Footlight Parade (1933).  See the full video in Cap'n's Cabaret #7: Hooray for Hollywood!   Ironically, the Flying Down to Rio scene was in Cabaret #9, aptly named for the movie.

It had to be one of the two greats, Busby or Ziegfeld.  Thanks for the info!

Someone in the building likes dieselpunk.

This morning, the giant video wall was showing Betty Boop and Cab Calloway in Roland Crandall's Snow White (1933).  I would have shot a video, but it was finishing up as I was coming in the door and I didn't have time to pull out my phone.

Not only was it showing the movie, but someone clipped out Betty and Cab the Wallrus, so they were dancing across the wall separate from the movie.  Surreal.

I also get to see this around lunch time some days.

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