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The following is (of course) total weird fiction - a comic called...

WAR OF THE UNDEAD by Bryan Johnson & Walter Flanagan

Though the drawings are not that great, the story is absolutely wicked, brutal, gross, hillarious and weird. Totally over the top and crazy...

"It is near the end of World War II and the writing is on the wall for Hitler and the German army. The Allied forces are closing in on Hitler and he and his mistress take their own lives rather than being captured. But the Nazi's are not giving up yet. Lead by a group of crazed Nazi scientists who would make Josef Mengele look like a pre-school teacher these psychos have put together a diabolical plot to resurrect Hitler.
Their insane plan called for the use of the Frankenstein Monster, Dracula, and the Wolf man. The Wolf Man's blood was to be used as an offering to Satan, Dracula would be dispatched to Hell to deliver the offering, and the monster used to house Hitler's soul.

But the three captives are going to strike back and destroy their wicked plans!"

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