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My pa once told me these wise words: "you can never have too much Dieselpunk pulp fiction". And damn, was he right!

Warbirds of Mars is a terrific project I shamefully have first heard of just today, which is weird since it seems to have been around for quite some time in a form of a webcomic. Yet having not been brought up recently, it must have somehow escaped my noice. Still a good project is always worth bringing back, especially when its author is running a Kickstarter campaign to publish an actual comic book.

Now, noir detectives capturing Martians' technology and using it against them horrible invaders - that's an idea that's right up my alley. I bet you'll go for it, too, after checking it out by yourselves in here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/scottpvaughn/warbirds-of-mars-...

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