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The Traveler's Blog served a pleasant reminder this week, making me dust off a bookmark stored for a rainy day. A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a Flickr photostream of José García aka cutangus (or CUTANGUS on DeviantArt if you prefer the latter resource). It's not rainy today but it's time to share these machines with you, my friends - and to urge you to see more. Just a few examples:

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Strange but cool! Love the Octo-tank!

These are very well done.  I like the weathering detail.

like the fighter plane but why are the wings on backwards?

I'd prefer the classic canard layout here, but the author thinks different.

david bradley said:

like the fighter plane but why are the wings on backwards?

Visibility would be terrible in that configuration, particularly during landing. Rule of Cool.

Some FANTASTIC stuff!!! I love the exotic aircraft designs on his deviantART gallery. Especially the logic he implements into those designs and freely explains not only in the descriptive but within the comments featured below each.

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