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For me, I think, was the Indiana Jones movies. The first movie that I vaguely remember watching in the cinemas was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I was about 4 then. I say vaguely because, other than the last scene with the main villian, Donovan, aging quickly into dust with only his swastika pin remaining, I don't remember much of watching it in the theater. But that one scene did stay in my mind...probably because it scared the hell out of my 4-year old mind.

What I watched in the 90s, however, I remember much more clearly. Much of it, odd enough, has to do with the Disney Channel. I clearly remember seeing that channel advertise for Dick Tracy, though I don't think I saw it. I remember watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The Disney Channel used to play The Rocketeer alot in the early 90s (when the Disney Channel actually, you know, had a wide variety of entertainment for everyone, rather than endless kiddy sitcoms) I remember really enjoying that one and it's now one of my favorite movies. There was also TaleSpin, which was very much influenced by 30s-40s pulp adventures. Also, in the early 90s, we went to Disney World and around that time, the Disney-MGM Studios(now Disney Hollywood Studios) was brand new. It has a heavy Golden Age of Hollywood theme, so there's alot of art deco theming and such. Come to think of it...there was ALOT of dieselpunk goodness coming out of Disney in the late 80s-early 90s

Speaking of that, there was also the first two Batman movies, which were also fairly dieselpunk. Odd that there was alot of dieselpunk classics coming out at that time.

The 90s were also when I discovered old VHS tapes of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars taped off of the tv sometime in the 80s and I watched the hell out of those tapes.

All this and many others, I believe, planted a seed in my mind that grew into a love of art deco and dieselpunk.


So, what got you into dieselpunk?

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I've been into art deco and the music of the 20s-40s for years, and have always loved old films and adventure stories. The Indiana Jones films, Roger Rabbit, the Rocketeer... they came along, and I loved them. Fast forward a few decades and my tastes now are an odd mishmash of early 20th century stuff, SF, horror, pulp adventure and crime stories and (late 1970s-early 90s) goth.

What prompted me to look more at dieselpunk was some steamy friends. They kept referring to me as diesel, and have really encouraged me to wear my own style to their steampunk event. I'm still not convinced I'm a dieselpunk, but dieselpunks seem to like all sorts of things that I like, and that's good enough for me to hang around here!

@Mim .. You seem to fit what I've seen that'd quallify as Dieselpunk , going from what I've read on here. I'm a Metal Punk type dude but love the era , pulpy adventure & crime stories , Sci-Fi , art Deco architecture & getting into some jazz especially swing. I don't know if that makes me "Dieselpunk' or not, but I love this community & want to get involved in DP events. Steampunk, intrigued me but wasn't my thing , but DP pulls at something deap inside me like Cyberpunk , Metal & Punk do & have since I was young. Whether you consider yourself DP or not Mim, I'll look forward to your discussions here. Take care & cheers.

Matthew, it sounds like you're very much at home here. I'm glad you're with us. Dieselpunk is extremely varied.

You mentioned Metal Punk. Have you heard Diablo Swing Orchestra?

Yes I'm feeling very much at home here & yes I've heard of DSO. Found out about them while searching out Electro-Swing on Youtube recently..very cool.

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