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Heres a link to french blog that talks about it http://formicapunk.tumblr.com I've seen  examples  of what i would see as fitting  formicapunks description  of  1970s 80s Retrofutureism  in classic flims like robocop back to the future termanator and the original  battlestar gallactica as well video games like farcry blood dragon and parody  films like kung fury i would  like hear what everyone  else's  opinions  on the  matter are.

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Also there is a page on tvtropes.org  where i first learned of formicapunk  heres the  link http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CassetteFuturism though  for the most part it calls it cassete  futurism 

In that case, I would call the recent movie Turbo Kid Formicapunk.

Do you think it'd okay if I were to repost this to the main forum in order to get more feedback

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