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Following up on our last episode discussing whether Sci-fi and fantasy are required elements of Dieselpunk, Johnny, Ava and Larry take on another discussion to discover "What is Punk?"
Tune into This episode of The Diesel Powered Podcast and weigh in with your opinion.

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I personally consider "punk" to be related to anything that is not considered mainstream or, for a lack of a better word, "normal". Punk will always have something that is out of the ordinary, which is how Dieselpunk is seen, not ordinary. As a punk, I think we almost don't even notice that fact, especially if we hang around other punks. It is based off of the punk used for degenerate or even the punks that started up in the 80s with punk music and everything, but I think it's a little more about going against society's rules than anything else.

I also(as much as I hate to say it) that punk is also a bit of a hipster thing, always wanting to enjoy things that aren't popular or well known. I do that myself. I never like anything that is widely praised. I see it a bit more special since it is more focused on one particular audience instead of trying to make everyone happy. And it can relate to a lot of things, not just media. A lot of punk fashion is a person being themselves instead of trying to follow the latest trend.

I guess the best way to explain a punk attitude for the use of Dieselpunk is not to have the characters jerks or to have everything over the top and weird, but to instead just be set upon the creator's own personal preference instead of what is new and hip. The #1 thing a punk cannot be is a sellout. They cannot be willing to change who they are because someone tells them too. For that, they do end up giving off a "bratty" attitude sometimes, so I guess that is where most of the punk idea comes from.

I do think that sometimes, people always end up relating "punk" with controversial issues like homosexuality or anarchism or something seen as "non-kosher". Personally, I don't care(cause I'm a punk!) but that doesn't mean we should be always related to something seen as bad. Like I said, punks are simply out of the ordinary, be it mild or major, and that is the best thing anyone could be.

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