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So, occasionally we see something that skirts the transitional period between the Steam and Diesel eras, basically the "Edwardian" period from ~1900 to the end of WW1. It has its own aestetic that bridges the styles, tech, and philosophies of the two eras.


Early aircraft that look bird- or bat-like, high collars without ties, high boots with laces, sleeker-cut uniforms with rows of ribbons but less ornimentation, dress swords, rumbling riveted machinery as likely to be steam as petrol...


A great example is Leviathan.


So, what to call it? I've heard it called "Edwardianpunk", but that seems so awkward a name.


Any thoughts?




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A rose by any other name...
Hey, Cap'n Tony...

Pulling back from the aesthetics momentarily, what is it about the period that is captivating? My immediate thoughts are that this period saw more efficient and streamlined design (in uniforms, in mechanical things, etc), a rise in socialist ideologies, and a much more international and cross-national imperialism (as opposed to a British-centric imperialism).

That's just what stands out for me. I would lean towards a title that played off those defining tones: imperialpunk, maybe?

Look at what makes the era interesting for you. Dig deep and what makes it more than "steampunk, but with more crispness and industry" and more than "dieselpunk, but with less mechanization and no swing music." What makes it its own unique stand-alone thing?
I love this period, learned much about it and want to learn more.
But we can not separate it from the Steam Era. Prewar years are the pinnacle of the old civilization. Yeah, with car races, air shows, dreadnoughts, cinemascopes, sleeker fashions and more functional design. Anyway, it is the Belle Epoque's last act and not another play. In Sarajevo the curtain will drop and a new play will start. In the meanwhile, same script, same actors, just some alterations for the costumes, decorations and props.
Btw, have you ever heard of Teds - British late 50's/early 60's subculture? 'Teds' mean 'Edwardians', they aped the 1900's fashions and hairdos. Surprisingly, you won't find a lot about them in the Internets.
I agree attitude-wise it remained more on the Steam side, though the advent of powered flight was already starting to have a profound effect. There was definatley a "new" feel in the air, and the start of the attitudes that would define the diesel era. Yes, I agree it leans towards Steam and that WWI is as good a mark for the start of the diesel era as any. But still, there's something about the "Tedpunk" era that needs a distinctive moniker. Imperialpunk might work, though the Imperial Era IMO would encompass everything from the Renaissance through WWII. Bit of a mouthful, too.

I see it as analogous to "Atompunk". While much of the attitude and culture and dress of the Diesel Era remained into the Atom era, there was still this slow changing of attitudes driven by Atomic power and weapons that makes it a distinct subgenre of Dieselpunk instantly recognizable from it.

Yes, heard of the "Teds"...IIRC that was the subculture that brought us the British Invasion in music, so they're cool in my book.
On another board I frequent someone has used the word Jazzpunk. Personally I don´t think that works that well, or that there time period has anything distinctive enough to be it´s own "-punk".
Jazzpunk sounds too 1920's, which is certainly within the Diesel era. Hmmm...hard to really pick a name that fits, ain't it?
There seems to be a transitional time between genres that doesn't seem to fit well within either. So maybe the Edwardian Transitional?

A friend of mine proposed Electropunk (or Electric Punk to avoid any confusion with a rock music genre) and advised 1889 - the year of London Underground electrification - as a starting point. I stick to simpler timeline: Steampunk (1820s - 1918), Dieselpunk (1918 - 1945), Jet- or Atomicpunk (1945 -), with seeds of Dieselpunk emerging as early as in 1900s and its rudiments visible well into 1950s.

Larry said:
There seems to be a transitional time between genres that doesn't seem to fit well within either. So maybe the Edwardian Transitional?
As always life never is courteous enough to align itself for easy classification.

Electropunk has possibilities, and is curious as it would overlap the late Victorian and early Diesel...in a Teslaish way it's sort of its own flavor that overlaps the Steam and Diesel eras.

So how about thus as a proposal (just to stir and spur conversation):

Clockpunk in Renaissance, Baroque, and Napoleonic phases

Steampunk as 1820's-1918, divided into Victorian and Edwardian phases

Electropunk (crossover genre focussed on electric power as King) 1880-c1940ish

Dieselpunk 1918-1945 with Roaring 20s, Depression, and WW2 phases

Atompunk 1945-c.1993 (fall of Communism) with 50s/early 60s, Vietnam era, and Reagan era phases, with various post-apocalyptics gauged by the culture, e.g. Mad Max as Reganesque, Halflife as 50's...realizing that this overlaps a lot with Piecraftian Dieselpunk

Cyberpunk c1980-present with Cyberpunk and Post-Cyberpunk phases
How about Victorian Age steampunk, 1910 steampunk, WWII era steampunk, Cold War era steampunk? Do we really need to invent new names for it all?
I tend to Cap'n Tony's arraignment. It seems to me to be pretty consistent with what we see developing in the various genre-punk and period-punk communities. We might say then that all of these genre/period-punk have transitional periods that if we wanted to be systematic about it we could label and probably will as the genre/period punk continues to mature. I still think the "Edwardian Punk" would be one of the transitional periods between genres but that's just my opinion.

The one thing is that I'm not so certain about Electropunk for that seems to cover the same period as Steampunk.
Atterton said:
Cold War era steampunk?

What's it, for God's sake?

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