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This is not trolling or an attempt to put folks on the spot but, at the end of the day, what are you hoping to do as a DP? 

Dress up?  Collect antique "man jewelry?" (Cufflinks, tie tacks, pocket watches, etc...) Hang out in a speak easy drinking bad hooch?  Compete in Zoot Shoots?  Just play RPGs?  Reenact WW I or II?  Catch Spanish Flu?  Sit quietly behind a computer and do nothing?  Own an antique car/plane/whatever?  Volunteer at a living history site or museum?  LARP?  Illustrate a DP graphic novel?  Furnish a DP man-land?  Wear a Fedora every day?  Have lunch at a 1930s diner every day?  Play online DP games?  Go to DP conventions?  For that matter, what would an ideal DP "convention" look like and include?  (Train ride, cruise, Model-A road rally, ?)

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Is your Avatar the Cabover that you built?

Bruce Woodworth said:

This is an interesting, and a reasonable question, but it is somewhat difficult to answer. I tend to be more of a watcher than a participant. I, like some others, find inspiration in DP, and being a child of the 60's era, DP is more 'accessible' a concept than SP (tho I certainly appreciate that, too). I enjoy the designs of cars, appliances, and illustrations from the 30's and 40's, and the way in which DP enthusiasts interpret them. As a part-time artist and full-time car enthusiast, I especially like the automotive and mechanical influences - I built a '51 Cabover with a diesel engine 5 years ago. I also have a head full of DP-related artwork to produce, if I ever get back to my acrylics and canvases.

That's what I really want to do, and this site is a constant inspiration to me.


Yes, it is, Captain. I've been thinking of one day re-doing it - perhaps in a bare-metal color scheme, with some suitable DP-inspired trim, but for now I just enjoy having the biggest old truck around! lol  It's tons of fun!


Same as in every other facet of my life: make music, then genre-cross the living daylights out of it.

Other than that, it would be pretty cool to own a steam/dieselpunk motorcycle.

I always preferred tophats to fedoras, but I do wear a trenchcoat all winter.

DPCon would be a giant Noir LARP,

What I hope to gain is a good understanding of the era and the alternatives to the era that Dieselpunk has to offer, so that I can incorporate the various elements into a cogent and appealing stage for an RPG.


I don’t know if my players appreciate the work that goes into creating such a world but even if they don’t the research itself is gratifying and interesting to me.


Eventually I would hope that my world is substantial enough to be able to publish a web-site so that I may share my imaginative construction with others like I have done in the past.


Basically I hope to entertain myself learning and incorporating alternative history into great stories in the form of RPG scenarios.

I am not sure if players really appreciate the detailed research that game designers work so hard to incorporate but I can guarantee you that they will notice mistakes and the online critics even more so.  ;-) 

Even it no one else appreciates authenticity, I love accurate weapons, zeppelins, trains, riverboats, food, clothes, etc....  In my old age I am also growing fonder to good illustrations if for no other reason that to show the cliche gamers who really have no idea what the world setting is about without pictures.  

Since one of the things that I would like from DP is a more active community (and it has been way too quiet here lately) I am posting something. 

Last Sunday (9/24/17) I put on my Dieselpunk RPG game, open to all players.  Three of my regular players participated along with a new, high school aged player.  It was a fun game but I, along with my regular players were amazed at the startling degree of unfamiliarity with history, geography or dated popular culture the young player possessed.

References to; Prussia, Bavarian Alps, Berchtesgaden, The Orient Express, Dr. Frankenstein, The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, The Thompson submachinegun, Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, Lawrence of Arabia, The Princess Bride, Volkswagen Beetle, Glen Miller, President Eisenhower,  Dirigibles, V8 engines, Bruce Lee, Zha Zha Gabor, The Autobahn, Black Jack Pershing, Sherman Tanks, Zippo lighters, Teletype, Duffle bag, Juicyfruit gum, Wire recorder, The Rocketeer, The Shadow, Green Hornet, (the list goes on and on) amazed us.

The young player explained to me that he does not watch movies that he can't download to his mobile device.

I guess I am just getting old and the idea that young people have no idea about things that I would consider common knowledge shows my curmudgeonly nature.     Young whipper snappers...

Web-sites like this one seem to be to be an excellent tool for discovering a past that is presently passing into obscurity.

My thanks goes to those maintaining the history, even if it is an alternate history.

If your goal was to cause me even greater concern about today's youth - you have succeeded. 

Now I feel obliged to throw in WW II trivia for tonight's cadet meeting. What has been scaring me lately is when I ask teenagers what they are learning in school (to try and align aerospace lessons and such) none of them can give me an answer.  They sometimes have trouble listing what classes they have by subject.  On the other hand they can tell you in great detail what their CAP, Boy Scout, sports practice, or Sunday School classes were about.  It makes me wonder what is happening in schools these days.

CAP?  Civil Air Patrol?  I didn't think that was available until college.

Only 9 states, here in America, have geography as a required course in their high school curriculum.  I am not surprised that my player could not identify the Bavarian Alps on a map when 74% of US high school graduates were unable to identify the location of the state of Ohio.  That is very low, considering 3.5% of these students live in Ohio.

My children are out of high school now but none of them ever had a class that even mentioned the first world war.  My wife is a grade school teacher and in the last 4 years the local school board has eliminated any and all science and geography lessons from the curriculum.

I realize that the fear of the ignorance of the next generation is thousands of years old, you can read it in Pliny the Younger's Letters and the commentaries of Cicero.  It might be a ridiculous fear, but remember, Rome fell.

Yes, Civil Air Patrol, a fairly diesely organization started in 1941.  http://gocivilairpatrol.com/ 

Cadets can join normally join from 12 years old to 18 then may choose to remain in the cadet program until their 21st birthday.  There is a rare program allowing 11 year olds to join but not here unfortunately.  Anyone joining on or after their 19th birthday (or is married or active duty) is in the senior member programs.  There are a few perks to being a cadet such as being able to work towards your private pilots license at a discounted rate, scholarships, and potential military promotions.   Our local squadron still has an active member who flew in WW II so he keeps the cadets honest.   Ohio Wing is supposed to have quite a cool flight academy http://www.ncsas.com/index.cfm/johnson_flight_academy?show=career_f... 

I am the local DCC, responsible for cadets so I try to be a bad influence.  My predecessor a decade ago was as bad and left quite a collection of old serials like Flash Gordon for the cadets as well as a 7/8th scale French Nieuport biplane kit for them to work on.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nieuport_17  I cannot imagine waking up one morning and saying to myself: "I want to build a WW I French fighter plane!"

I recall a quizz given to North Carolina high school students where the majority though that the Mason-Dixon Line was the boundary between North and South Carolina.  Most also failed to guess when the War of 1812 was.  Alaska kiddos are a little more aware.   Having said this, our local aerospace instructor is a retired rocket scientist and he is having to teach cadets to sign their names since the schools cleverly decided to stop teaching cursive writing.  Not the best use of resources but it is still hard to go through life without a signature. 

I can probably quantify my concerns over the youth of today better than Pliny.  Unfortunately. 

Last night's cadet class was shaving.  I have had issues recently with cadet staff showing up unshaven and setting a bad example.  I tried Dr. Mike's approach to making such a mundane task more interesting or "turning a chore into an indulgence." 

I have quite a collection of 100+ to 50-ish year old razors so that I sounded less like a high school health teacher.  I had enough to give cadet staff their own old razors.  At their age traditional razors are usually much less irritating any way. 

Do we have a shaving thread here somewhere already?  If not check out:  http://welcometosteampunk.com/group/order-of-the-razor 

I think that I would like to see more of a living DP community.  DieselPunk sees to have just devolved into a genre term rather than a group of people, like SteamPunk.  Thoughts? 

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