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I'm fishing for ideas.

If Dieselpunks could be improved, what would it do?

Keeping in mind that I like to keep the website slim and focused, I could add the following rather easily:

  • Online games like Poker, Othello, and Chess for our members to play with.
  • An Etsy-like storefront that would allow our members to setup their own stores on Dieselpunks for selling their music, eBooks, event tickets, ringtones, videos, and merch.  See www.thebizmo.com for complete details.
  • Video Chat
However, I'm always looking for anything that would make our lives better/easier.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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This is a difficult one. As often as I post here I'm sure you can tell how much I love this forum. I'll see what I can think of.
The plural of "forum" is not "forums" but "fora", as forum is a latin word, second neutral declension.
It's commonly seen as forums in the States.

Leviathan said:
The plural of "forum" is not "forums" but "fora", as forum is a latin word, second neutral declension.
Sometimes an artist must think not of what can be added but on what must go away.I have nothing specific on my mind, just throwing that out there as food for thought.

How about giving any member the ability to start a new thread in the forums?  I have a TON of new info I'd like to share, but I'm not writing some obscure article no one will ever read...


I have no idea what's happened since my last visit, but I see no way for me to start a new thread in ANY of the forums.

Click on the "Add" button on the top-right of the forum pages to add a new thread/discussion.
OK.  Now I feel like a doofus!  lol
I´ve seen some websites which have a small music player in the corner, which plays a bit of period music like Glenn Miller. Perhaps that could be an idea.

Like this one?


When you're on the homepage, you can see the music player on the left side of the site.  Click on the icon in the music player that looks like a rectangle on top of another rectangle.  It should say "Pop out player" when you hover over it.  This will open the music player in a new window/tab so you can continue listening to the setlist while you navigate the Dieselpunks website (or any other site).

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