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Hey there, I love steampunk stuff and am new to building steampunk things, although I've always built stuff.
I thought I'd start a discussion to share good resources on materials for building.

here are mine so far:
flea market
wholesale filligree and decorative embellishments
hole in the wall antique shops/junk shops
hardware store
garage sales
ebay ( a little expensive)

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It all depends on what I'm building.

When it comes to building props or ornaments, I typically find everything I need at hardware stores.
Same here, I find a lot of stuff at flea markets and on ebay (with ebay its specially goggles).
Since right now Im vacationin in Guadalajara and Colima. mx. I'll be looking around old electrical/hardware shops to see what I can find.. (I already found a 1940-ish smith corona portable typewriter and an old radio)

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