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Who is your diesel era hero?

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To start the ball rolling, and give you a hint as to our next series on Dieselpunks, one of my diesel era heroes is Harry Houdini (aka Ehrich Weiss).

He was a master at his craft and never saw failure as an option.
Fictional: Philip Marlowe

Real (in no particular order): William Van Alen, the architect of the Chrysler Building; John Rockefeller; Howard Hughes; Calvin Coolidge; F. Scott Fitzgerald; Amelia Earhart; Edward VIII; Winston Churchill... It's hard to pick one!
I second the hurcule poirot, I adore theda bara and louise brooks, I love love love the silent film era and 20's jazz babies! I also love louis armstrong, ( I'm from new orleans it's like a requirement!) and Ella fitzgerald.
Erich von Stroheim and Alexandre P. de Seversky.
Also on the fiction and comic front, The Phantom & Doc Savage. And of course very high on the humor and even higher on the cheesecake "The Unforgettable Jane".
Can you recommend a good von Stroheim film?
Yes, of course. Greed. The best. Foolish Wives is a pretty good movie.
Thanks! I'll check out Greed as soon as I can.
Franz Kafka, Eliot Ness, Langston Hughes, Virginia Woolf, Josef Conrad, Antonio Sant'Ella, Fritz Lang, MC Esher, T. S. Eliot and a few others I cannot bring to mind.
How the hell did I forget my favorite author? H.P. Lovecraft
Mine're a combination of artistic, cinematic and fictional.

Aleksandr Rodchenko, Sergei Eisenstein, the guys who started the Art Deco and Streamlining movements, Big Daddies, the artists for the 90s Batman animation, Batman himself, Modernist artists (Bauhaus etc), Sky Captain, the Shadow, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price (and Tim Burton to an extent), Fleischer Brothers, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, H.P. Lovecraft
One of my diesel era heroes is dear 'ol Bucky

He published more than thirty books, inventing and popularizing terms such as "Spaceship Earth", ephemeralization, and synergetics. He also developed numerous inventions, mainly architectural designs, the best known of which is the geodesic dome. Carbon molecules known as fullerenes were later named by scientists for their resemblance to geodesic spheres.

He also invented the Dymaxion House

the Dymaxion Car

and the Dymaxion World Map

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