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Who is your diesel era hero?

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Well for me it would have to be RJ Mitchell inventor of the spitfire and Schneider Trophy winner. Also Douglas Bader A british world war II ace who defied authority and kept flying despite loosing both legs. Sir Winston Churchill the greatest leader my country has ever had. And finally Howard Hughes, could you imagine what this guy could of achieved if it wasnt for his tragic decline.
Good ol' Bader. What a guy.
dieselpunk heros well hard to nail down so hear goes Erich hartmann higest scoring ace in ww2, Howard hughes even though he went mad still a great visionary, on the darker side Otto skorzany the ss commando leader, fictional would have to be tintin, the phantom ghost who walks,the rocketeer very cool, Indiana jones also very cool there are so many more that could added
yes Douglas Bader a true hero he even tried to escape after he was shot down over france
can the Supermarine spitfire be a hero? if not it should be an icon
Buckminster Fuller
-The Shadow.
-Casey, Crime Photographer
-The Rocketeer ( via character inspirations from the diesel era )
-Hercule Poirot. ( via Agatha Christie ) David Suchet is without a doubt my favourite Poirot.
I think...fictionally I have to go with The Shadow
eal Life I have to give it up to Howard Hughes. He may have been crazy....sorry, eccentric, only poor people are crazy. But he got the Spruce Goose to fly by Bettsy
I agree with Mikel for RL: Howard Hughes (what can I say I'm from california, gotta back the hometown hero).

In terms of Fantasy, it's a toss up between Dick Tracy and The Rocketeer
Do H.G. Wells and Jules Verne count? I think they shaped the dreams of those who lived in the diesel era, even if they didn't directly participate.
Have you heard the story that Houdini may have been an agent of some type for the government? Seems there was some coloration with many of the European places and people he visited and certain...historical events that happened in the months afterword. There is a biography that lays out the evidence, but I don't have the name. But ultimately it suggests he's somewhere in the historical company of Sidney Riley and Ian Flemming.

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