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If you're reading this, then you already know me.

My name is Tome, and I'm the engineer behind www.Dieselpunks.org.

Growing up in the US, my family consisted of equal parts career Marines, and down-on-their-luck thugs that could never make right with the world.

The turning point for the family was my grandfather. As an O-6, he served as witness to some of the worst parts of humanity while in Berlin.

Leaving Berlin with a dead wife and most of his left eye behind him (thanks to a German grenade), he saw to it that my dad had a chance to build a better world while the rest fought over the scraps.

Thanks to my grandfather's guidance, my father was the first to break the Marine tradition. A natural with electronics, physics, and chemistry, my dad was offered a chemical engineer position right out of high school. As you can imagine, I grew up in a household where everything was either rebuilt, tuned up, or fixed-to-death before we bought a new one. This meant that I never really had the slickest looking toys compared to the other kids, but I did have a mad scientist for a dad.

My dad and my grandfather looked over me and taught me that if something wasn't right with the world, I could fix it. They gave me the skills to make it better.

And here we are.

If you're reading this, you know that you never have to be content with the mundane.

With a little know-how and some elbow grease, you too can bring the future to today.

I'm not here to compete or make money. I'm here because this website is my playland. It's what I want my world to be.

If it inspires you or teaches you how to make your world a better place, then that's all I could ever hope for.

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"This meant that I never really had the slickest looking toys compared to the other kids, but I did have a mad scientist for a dad." No wonder you like Dr. Steel.
This one was from your heart, really. I simply love your vision, and the concept behind your website... BTW I'd like to add a Dieselpunks.org banner in my blog!
It's an honor to meet you Mr. Tome. :)

The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Larry.


Thank you for share this with us.

Mucho gusto, Nice to meet you. 

I don´t have much to say other than thank you for the website. It´s an excellent place.
Thanks everyone.  Make yourselves at home.  I'll be back soon with some cookies.
I´m afraid my browser blocks cookies. Unless they´re accompanied by milk.
Hi Tome, it's nice to meet you. There's a lot of things mentioned in your post that I can relate to; I, too, come from a family with a long history of military service (dating back to the civil war), and both my mother and father came from down-on-their luck families who engaged in lives of crime--that's a really interesting mix, I think. My dad is an Electrical and Computer Engineer, and he's always either modifies the electronics in our home or built them entirely by himself; as soon as I get a new laptop, he voids the warranty in order to change it, to make it better. He also knows a lot about welding, and I'm learning those skills from him. Hopefully I'll be able to incorporate the skills I'm learning into small Dieselpunk influenced modifications of everyday devices. You've written a great introduction to what your vision is for this community and what you want it to be. Knowing that I never have to be content with the mundane is something that I've been trying to fully understand and accept for most of my life, probably because of what I feel has been "forced" on me because of society. But little, if anything, is ever really "forced" onto someone, is it? We don't have to be content with the mundane; we have voices and talents, and we can use those tools to create our own worlds, even if they exists on a level of pure fantasy. We have the ability to make choices, and remembering that can help us survive in world which we might not want to be in. I joined this community because of my interest in making my own choices and going against the mundane; I'm exploring those possibilities through Deiselpunk culture, and it's great to know that there is a place to connect with others who are interested in Deiselpunk culture and all it represents. Thank you for making such a place a reality.

this website has certainly brought together all the stuff i've been working on, or been influenced by over the years, into one place, so for that alone, I thank you!

it has certainly been inspirational, in that i've encountered on here, some good people, with good ideas.

What's hot on the project plate right now, Gordon?

Tome, working away on a book of art-deco(trying to chronicle some of the buildings in my area, in a dramatic style, similar in style to Samuel Gottscho and Ansell Adams(talk about setting your sights high)... and just as I think it's complete, i stumble across another great construction, or find-out that(as happened) a particular architect has 4 cinemas built+designed around the same period, and they all tie-in with each other... it's a learning curve.

once that's complete, i want to get the photos printed/framed and put-on an exhibition(with a dieselpunk soundtrack!), and put them out in book form(which I'll design)... that's the plan, but i can't stop taking photos(got another session lined-up this weekend, if the  weather is on my side...), at a great location.

i need to get that finished by the autumn, at least, as my winter project(which i've already been planning), will be a George Hurrell inspired Hollywood portrait project... I've done quite a few photos over the years in this style, but i want to start afresh, and again, put out a book/exhibition of some newer images...

hard work, and a lot of stress, but i wouldn't want to be doing anything else!

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