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If you're reading this, then you already know me.

My name is Tome, and I'm the engineer behind www.Dieselpunks.org.

Growing up in the US, my family consisted of equal parts career Marines, and down-on-their-luck thugs that could never make right with the world.

The turning point for the family was my grandfather. As an O-6, he served as witness to some of the worst parts of humanity while in Berlin.

Leaving Berlin with a dead wife and most of his left eye behind him (thanks to a German grenade), he saw to it that my dad had a chance to build a better world while the rest fought over the scraps.

Thanks to my grandfather's guidance, my father was the first to break the Marine tradition. A natural with electronics, physics, and chemistry, my dad was offered a chemical engineer position right out of high school. As you can imagine, I grew up in a household where everything was either rebuilt, tuned up, or fixed-to-death before we bought a new one. This meant that I never really had the slickest looking toys compared to the other kids, but I did have a mad scientist for a dad.

My dad and my grandfather looked over me and taught me that if something wasn't right with the world, I could fix it. They gave me the skills to make it better.

And here we are.

If you're reading this, you know that you never have to be content with the mundane.

With a little know-how and some elbow grease, you too can bring the future to today.

I'm not here to compete or make money. I'm here because this website is my playland. It's what I want my world to be.

If it inspires you or teaches you how to make your world a better place, then that's all I could ever hope for.

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If that's a sample shot, I'm loving it so far.  Great color, texture, and composition.

Let us know if you need any help getting the book together when you're ready.

Tome Wilson said:

If that's a sample shot, I'm loving it so far.  Great color, texture, and composition.

Let us know if you need any help getting the book together when you're ready.

that's just a shot of me at work, with my camera... i'm producing images like this:

and such(i've put a few in the galleries on here)... it's all a work-in-progress, i just need to stop geeking-out on architecture for five minutes(then i spy a 1930's radio mast, and I'm off again!).

but, thanks for the offer. much appreciated(and i will let you know, definately).

Hey Tome

I like your attitude. My Dad is a motor mechanic who learned his trade rebuilding trucks for the US Marines based here in NZ during the Pacific War. He and his father had no choice. Something was wrong in the world, and they worked with the US Marines to fix it. He taught me how to rebuild engines and build boats. I taught myself how to design and build radios, helped by some formal engineering education. The practical stuff is no less important today than it was in the 1940s.

Thanks for a great site.

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