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Our nice little Wikipedia fans certainly know how to make a good laugh of themselves. Please visit the notorious Cyberpunk Derivatives page to admire their latest achievements.

First, they labeled the Dieselpunk section as one that "appears to contradict itself". For those who wonder how half a dozen innocent lines can contradict anything they offer a link to the talk page. And there we do not find any explanation but can enjoy some very enlightening remarks, including the epic "DieselPunk is not a legitimate genre. What's called "dieselpunk" is actually "pulp fiction." (2010).

Second, you may already know that these righteous people usually do not want to see sources they cannot understand. But for the miserable self-contradicting section they used, of all sources, Dieselpunk Chronology in Polish language. Provided with a link that leads us to the main page of a Steampunk website and not to the Chronology that was there years ago. This is what I call the Wikipedia ingenuity!

Third, they included Decopunk into the article (hear, hear!). Well, it was inevitable. And the section is just as convincing as the former Decopunk page it is based on. Using Sara M. Harvey's interview as the main source, Wiki effectively convinces us that Decopunk is almost similar to Ottensian Dieselpunk, save the name. Besides, if you want to read the interview, the link will lead you to a page full of gibberish. Wanna buy it? Yeah, it's for sale! Tell them you're from Wiki, probably you'll get a discount.

Fourth, something is wrong with footnote numbers... But who cares? Let's praise the good Wikipedians, we really owe them. Thanks to their wisdom, we've got an independent Dieselpunk Encyclopedia.

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I think that when it is all said and done ~ THAT ~ is probably the best solution.

Defend the High Ground! . . . The Revolution WILL Come! . . . DIESEL FOREVER! ;-)

Tome Wilson said:

They're probably just flying under the radar.  It took a while for the dieselpunk page to get knocked down.

In the meantime, we'll focus our efforts on Dieselpunks and the Dieselpunk Encyclopedia instead of trying to appease some other site.

I was happy to see there is an entry for Dieselpunk at TV Tropes (whereas Teslapunk is absent.) :-)

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