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Announcing the Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase 2.

To all interested parties.

With the success of the Dieselpunk ePulp showcase it was inevitable that we make a second ebook. So now I'm officially announcing the start of DPES 2!

This announcement comes six months in advance, so I hope that gives everyone who wants in plenty of time to craft their story. If we can start collecting the stories around thanksgiving, we can publish sometime in December.

For those of you unfamiliar with the first project it's basically a group publishing / marketing experiment and anyone who wants to participle is welcome. Once it's done it will be available for free on just about every ebookstore imaginable.

The DPES1 went so smoothly we're going to approach DPES2 the same way.

Just like before i don't want to get bogged down by overcomplicated rules, but here is a framework to operate within. (For those of you who participated the first time it's basically the same drill). Ready?

** Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase 2 submission guidelines.

1 your story should be something diesel, but the individual writer gets to decides what the phrase means to them.
2 stories should be somewhere be between 4000 and 8000 words.
3 poetry is welcome
4 whatever you create, it should be complete/self-contained/stand-alone idea.
5 you are responsible for having your own work edited.
6 the individual is responsible for their own copyrights.
7 it has to be original material (as in, it can't be a Shadow reprint or a story featuring batman)
8 the stories will be put in random order in the final anthology.
9 text only
10 use your existing characters in these short stories if you want to.
11 the final will only be an ebook.
12 stories should be in English.

** What are the terms?

once the ebook is live you can't pull your stuff out, but you can publish your material wherever else you want, since you are the copyright holder.

** what is John Picha willing to put in?

- the ISBN
- the Cover
- at least one story
- make all the epub, mobi and pdf files
- publish the final on every ebookstore I have access to.
- keep everything as simple and as un-sticky as possible.
- try and wrangle another intro out of tome. ha ha.
- answer any questions as they arise.

** What are the goals?

This experiment can be for fun, but it's also a promotional space for existing series as well a tool to build dieselpunk awareness.

After each story the writer can have a promo-space to direct others to more of their work something like... "be sure to look for more "adventures of "X" on your favorite eBookstore."

I'm not too worried about making a lot of rules for this part, just think of it as an ad for yourself, just don't make to too long. ha ha.

** wrapping up

basically i hope making the DPES2 is fun a learning experience for everyone who wants to participate. At the end I'm sure we'll have an anthology we can all be proud of. I know that's what happened last time.

** How do we get started?

- If you're interested just let us know, then start writing.
- Whoever writes something that meet the guideline is in.
- There is no approval process.
- It's not a contest it's an experiment.
- Every time we need an unbiased choice I'll roll a six sided dice to decide.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

Ladies and gentlemen start your typing.


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Howdy~ my story is in review. It comes in at 4487.

Did anyone need a reader? If so, please send copy to anita.dime@flatcar6studios.com

My story is revved up and ready to go!  

8101 word count on mine!  A bit epic, but what isn't these days? :)  I can shave that 101 words off, if needed.

Looks like a good turn out so far. Great work!

Let's give the others time to catch up, then i'll start collecting stories.

Out of curiosity, what are the titles of each of your tales?



My story is titled THE MALTESE SPECTRUM. It is a hard boiled noir detective story with a twist set in a slightly altered 1930's New York city.

Darkness Eternal: Over the South China Sea. It's a Piecraftian tale set in 1958. That's not a typo, WW2 has been going on for 19 years.... I can keep polishing forever, just give me a deadline and I'll send it in.

BTW this is intended as the first installment in a series.

showcase 2 team,

i've gotten a couple of emails about extending the deadline, so i'm going to move it out to jan 1. we did the same thing last year, and everything worked out fine. 

the more the merrier, right?


My story is titled "The Rocket Molly Syndicate" and is an adventure tale set primarily in an alternate 1931 Chicago. I'm using it to introduce a character named Millie Maxwell, and If this goes over well I may write more stories using her in the future.

I'll never be able to send in a story, but I'm really looking forward for this. I downloaded the first ebook. Looks exiting.

Well, if there will be a third book, maybe.... :-)

My story is ready. Is DOC format okay? Should I put the title at the top or in the Header? Can I PM it? Is January 1 still the deadline? I'm dyin' out here, charlie!


"Is DOC format okay? Should I put the title at the top or in the Header? Can I PM it? Is January 1 still the deadline?"

DOC format is fine, but don't sweat the header.
yes, we're on track for 1 jan 2014.
you can email it to me takejohn3@yahoo.com



thanks for the enthusiasm. your more welcome to join in on the fun.



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