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Hi all,

I wrote a dieselpunk novel (though I actually like "decopunk dystopia" better, as it's more descriptive of the story) and today it occurred to me that I should try entering it in some contests. I guess fantasy contests might work. I'm not sure if sci fi contests would be right fit. I thought maybe you all would know about specific contests that would be open to dieselpunk-esque novels...? :)

Thanks for any and all advice.

- Sophia

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Nothing come to mind offhand, Sophia. Sorry for not being much help. Dieselpunk is still a very niche genre, and a lot of people get it confused with steampunk despite the obvious differences. (Just check out the boards on Pinterest and you'll see what I mean.) I'd say any contest open to sci-fi or alternative history entries would fit the bill. If you find anything specific to diesel, please let me know. Good luck with your contest entries. Can you tell us more about your novel?

Hi Sophia,

This is the only one I'm aware of at the moment.


It's a short story antho though. If part of your novel could be sectioned off as a short, that might be a way to get it into circulation. Not ideal, of course.

Some warning about contests...be sure to examine the terms of any contests you enter BEFORE submitting. There are often rights grabs embedded in the fine print, which may imperil your ability to self-publish at a later date or submit to agents/editors elsewhere. Writer Beware is a good site to check for history on any contests that seem dubious, too good to be true, or very new. Double check to make sure you're not sending your hard work off to a vanity press that'll lock you into a deal with the only way out being a "pay at the exit" system.

Good luck, and if you're looking for beta readers, please get in touch. I love the idea of a decopunk dystopian tale :)


Thank you both for your responses! AJ, I'll have to give some though as to whether I can section a part of it off. And thank you for the advice. It's scary how many scams there are. I have actually already self-published the novel, but the sequel needs beta-ing, if you're interested. The sequel can stand alone, if you'd prefer not to read the first. Let me know if you are interested!

Bard, thank you for your interest! :) Here's the description:

In an island metropolis, where robots serve the wealthy and glittering skyscrapers light up the night, a woman from a country estate, unschooled in the ways of the court, fights to get back her son and resist the tyrannical new order.

After Myadar Solboi's efforts to navigate the perils of the court lead to betrayal, she becomes an urban incarnation of a legendary highwayman, pursuing revenge on those who wronged her as well as on the capital itself. The city's underclass stirs in response, but before she can rouse them to revolution, she falls into a peril she cannot escape.

Please let me know if you want a free Kindle (or EPub or PDF) as I am trying very hard to get it reviewed and not really having a ton of success (I'm glad to get any reviews, good or bad). This goes for anyone on the site. :)

Sure thing :) Shoot a Kindle file my way any time aaron [dot] sikes [at] gmail [dot] com

Sophia Martin said:

The sequel can stand alone, if you'd prefer not to read the first. Let me know if you are interested!


Any more info on that Anthology? Seems a little shady what with no submission guidelines or links to back it up.


AJ, thanks for sharing info.

I checked out http://www.prime-books.com/ based on the email address provided in the webpage. I see other opportunities just not the one AJ mentions. I'd like more info too:)

Sophia, there are some novella call for submissions on prime-books.com site. Maybe those apply? (shrug)

Thanks, Anita... still pondering the "can I use one piece of this" question. :)

I'd done a little digging and just did some more. The editor is Sean Wallace, who has his name attached to some pretty high profile projects, so I'm willing to extend some trust based just on that. I have, however, tried to reach him through Twitter to no avail. He's got some similar projects under his belt though, so I'm still leaning toward the A-OK side of the aisle with him:


Click the link to his name (as editor under the book title) to see his work with Clarkesworld and others.

As always, definitely worth doing as much research as you can/want before submitting anything. I've got a good feeling about him, but I'd still at least ask him for more detailed submission terms before sending anything original his way.

Wow, John. Thank you!

Thanks, AJ, I'll check them out.

Hi Sophia :-)

If you're not in a hurry, I'll be happy to read and review your novel. It's just that I have a few on my to-be read list already and it may take me some time before I come to yours. 

Just let me know :-)


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