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Hi everyone, what's the group policy on book reviews? Is anyone interested in having me review their books, or having books to review? I'd be very interested to hear from people. 

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As far as I'm aware, there is no group policy, but here is mine...

I'll be happy to do a review-swap with anyone regardless of genre.

I am willing and able to post to any of these sites...

- iBookstore
- Amazon Kindle Store
- Lulu
- Barnes and Noble
- Google Play
- Kobo
- Indigo
- smashwords
- goodreads
- sony
- drivethrufiction
- XinXii
- omnilit

You can preview anything I write, before I post it.

As independents I believe we are more powerful when we work together rather than compete. There are plenty of customers out there for all of us. If you or any reader is interested, feel free to email me directly.


Thanks John, I'll send you an email! It's past midnight here in Japan so I'll be in touch tomorrow.

I'd love it if you reviewed my novel! 

Good to hear from you, C.A., I'd love to do a review. My email address is albionjpc@jcom.home.ne.jp.

I'm happy to review stuff as well. I do a fair few reviews on GoodReads solely for e-pulp-ish stuff. But I've got a bit of an e-stack building at the moment. It might take a little while.

Time is not a problem, Grant, my email is in the post above or you could let me have your email! address!

Would you be interested in short stories too?

Yes, I would! That would be maybe a review, or maybe  a critique, because I'm currently working on a connected series of connected Steampunk/Dieselpunk short stories and I'll be looking for a lot of networking with other writers. Depends what you've got, contact me on the above email. 

Ooh, me too! I'd be happy to review others' works.

My latest novel, The City Darkens, is serialized, and part one is out. Part 2 should be out by the end of next week, and part 3 not long after that. I'd love to have some reviews. It's more decopunk than dieselpunk but there are elements of the latter.

My email: sophia-martin@hotmail.com. Please contact me about my writing reviews for you, and/or to get a copy of the first part of The City Darkens--or as many parts as you'd like, actually. Later ones are still in need of some minor editing but the story is complete. If you don't mind the typos I'm still working on nailing, I'll happily send you as many parts as you want to review.

Thanks Sophia, I'll be in touch!


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