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From: Static Movement

Originally posted January 24, 2011 but still open.

Edited by Sean Monaghan

I will be editing an anthology of Dieselpunk stories. Dieselpunk is a blasting, belching, roaring speculative fiction, driven by thunderous machines dominating the landscape.

Close cousins with Steampunk, Dieselpunk goes a step further into internal combustion, jet power and rocketry. This is a seat-of-your-pants ride, no computers to save your life, no electronic calibration to guide your trajectory, no GPS, iPhone or XBox. Just you and your humming throaty machines tearing the sky and landscape. Think 1950s fighter jets, think giant Union Pacific locomotives, think trans-continental trucking. Of course there are gentler kinds too - let your imagination roam; love stories, fantasy, horror, sci-fi. Do what you will, but the key concept is some internal/external combustion machines, without electronics.

Wikipedia defines it like this, under Cyberpunk derivatives: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dieselpunk#Dieselpunk


Any genre except erotica. Any length, though query for stories over 5,000 words.

Send your manuscript as an .rtf file to dieselpunk_sm@ymail.com with the words Dieselpunk Anthology and your name in the subject line.

Single space, indented paragraphs, no space between paragraphs.

No headers, footers, or embedded text, no page numbers.

Please put the bio at the end of the story in the manuscript, beginning with "About the author:"

How to format your submission:


This is a non paying anthology, no money and no copy. A contract will be required.

No reprints. No simultaneous submissions. Response time should be within a few days.

Open until filled. No payment is made and no copy given for this anthology.

Please send one story at a time... and do not send the same story to more than one of our anthologies, it is wasting time for us and might get you rejected from all of them. Thanks. (This is a publisher note)

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Out of curiosity if this came through would it be available for purchase? I.E. buying it here or in a well known online place such as Amazon?
Interesting. I'll have to check this out.

It looks like Static Movement is available through their website. But I haven't seen it via iBooks or anything. I don't know how big their readership is, but they've been around for a few years. Anyone else know more?

Jacob Savage said:
Out of curiosity if this came through would it be available for purchase? I.E. buying it here or in a well known online place such as Amazon?


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