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Friends and eneighbors,

I've only just discovered my dieselpunkitude.  In fact, I found Dieselpunks.org while researching a new project that I only belatedly found out was probably dieselpunk.  Like many other things in my life, the label seems to have come late to the party. But I have to say it fits pretty good. 

Looking back, I guess I've always been a DP.  I was always the guy trying to work a Cord roadster and "guns akimbo" into D&D campaigns.  I was the guy playing cowboys and indians with a tommy gun.  In a land of Cowboy hats and ball caps, I prefer fedoras (although it's hella hard to find one with a decent brim out here!).  By the time I got out of high school, I already knew how to adjust the carbs on a straight 8 Pontiac to keep the rear cylinders from running too rich and the fronts too lean.  Going out on a fancy dinner date, whether I show up in the pinstripe or the sharkskin, it's always a disappointment to find out that I'm the only one not wearing jeans (or, in the old days, polyester-- ugh!)

From Dieselpunks, I found the Zoot Shooters (who're going to be hearing from me here pretty soon,) and the Fedora Lounge.  Both entities I've already grown fond of, though I haven't actually joined either yet. 

I lurked for awhile before joining, like ya do, but the itch to share is growing strong.

So here I am, busting into this forum like a bootlegger into a rival's speakeasy, guns ablazin'!  I should probably apologize for that.  I really should....  On the other hand, I never did get anywhere being a shrinking violet.

See, once upon a time, I was a published writer.  Royalty checks and everything.  It didn't end well.  I don't suppose it was entirely coincidental that Warner Publishing's address was 666 E. 5th Avenue.  It was internecine internal politics that done me in, both at the publisher and the literary agency that was representing me. 

Ah well, water under the bridge.  A whole lotta water!  I was so angry for so long that I quit writing for ten years.  But as you all probably know if you're a member of this group, writing isn't something that you can just quit. 

I recently discovered the advances in epublishing, and at the strong urging of my kids, am having a lash at being a professional writer again.  Or, perhaps I should say author.  I'm not entirely sure I'm confident enough yet to be a writer as the term diverges from merely authoring works.  I've dropped my other projects and am concentrating on what I hope is a publishable work in the 80-90,000 word range. 

So, at the risk of being pushy, here are the first six pages and a bit of the first draft in RTF.  I'm striving to have the piece done by mid summer and up on Smashwords shortly thereafter. 

I welcome any comments for good or ill.  Help, assistance, aid, opinion, suggestion are also welcome.  I've been out of the game for awhile, but I think that I'm still able to accept criticism without too much drama or backtalk.

Thanks for your time and I hope that this is the beginning of some beautiful friendships.

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If you're opening it in Microsoft Word, the program will automatically convert the RTF to DOC. 

Shouldn't be any corruption in the formatting.  We checked an earlier version RTF for a friend who didn't have WordPerfect, which is my preferred word processor.  Any screwups in the file should be mine.


Maybe it is my iPad that has the trouble. I've noticed it never seems to work, but I think I have always been away from my desk...

Yup. works fine from my desktop. I guess the old iPad has an issue with it.


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