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Good morning everyone. Hope this finds you in good spirits if it's after 5pm where you are ;-) or otherwise generally well disposed.

I've been hit with three FTR authors in my editing calendar this month and next, leaving me with a hole from Oct 15-25, Nov 1-10 and Nov 10-20. For those lacking military experience, FTR = failure to report. A few steps shy of AWOL, but still pretty rough when it means the budget I'd planned is suddenly the budget that isn't.

My apologies to all if this attempt at drumming up business is a bad move here. I know I've been out of touch for quite some time and fully accept any rotten fruit you want to toss at me - but I reserve the right to dodge mushy apples. Those things can hurt.

The skinny is this: I need work pretty bad, but I'm not here asking for handouts (and I did say pro bono up top). Normally I offer a free edit of the first 5K words of any MS, so the writer can get a sense of my skill and style, make sure we're a good match, etc. Let's up that to 15K words. I'm hoping you'll like what you see and will decide to hire me on for the rest of the book/novella/whatever ya got ready to go. And yeah, that means if all you've got is 15K, you get a free eye from a professional editor looking at your wordsmithing.

If you're interested, just mosey over to my site and drop me a line. www.ajsikes.com

And please spread the word!

Many thanks.

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