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I put a first draft of my WIP for Red Witch up to view. It's rough and unfinished, but hopefully it's enough to give you an idea of where I'm heading with the story. I've also set up a wiki, mainly to keep track of my own notes and ideas so I can keep the timeline straight. Not much on it yet, but it might help fill in some of the gaps (most of the entries so far deal with the first book).


For the crew of the pirate airship Red Witch, the plan was simple enough - with the entire continent of Hallstatt at war and the larger powers otherwise occupied, raiding should have been easy pickings. Things go awry when the crew steal a powerful weapon prototype from the Empire of Thule. Now, on the run and with all sides after their cargo, it's up to Irvin Ruffit, the Red Witch's first mate, to get the crew to safety.

Red Witch of Autumn

Autumn Wiki

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Hey mate. Slowly working my way through your MS.

Read the first 2 chapters and it seems to be in good shape so far. Excellent world building with a very obvious Great War parrellel thing going on. Haven't found anything wrong so far so that's a good sign :)

I'll try to get the rest read some time this week.

Well, not entirely Great War. The Autumn War (its in-world name, because of when it started - the world gets its name from that but it's an outside designation. No idea what people living there actually call their world) is a mixture of WWI and WWII - in particular, a little more of the politics of one and the technology of the other. I wanted to stay away from anything resembling Nazis because they're overused and toothless now.

I was afraid the worldbuilding might have been a bit confusing at times. The first novel (which should be out in a few weeks - I just sent back the last few revised chapters to the editor) has more of the background, and I'm probably going to go back and work more exposition into RWoA because not everybody will have read that one.

Interestingly, Autumn never really had an equivalent of the Great War. In its place, there were a series of smaller skirmishes (mainly with larger powers manipulating less powerful nations into fighting as proxies), but nothing on a worldwide scale. I imagine everyone's going to be in for a shock when they see the scale of the devastation - during Red Witch (which doesn't really touch on the ground war - it's really just a plain adventure story) the war is only about a year old. It's due to go on for another four or so, and ends up triggering some drastic changes.

At the moment, the draft is offline. Making some updates. Should be back before long.

Cool. Give me a yell when it's back up.

New draft is up. Not many revisions to the older parts yet. Trying to get a first draft finished before I go back and do major editing, unless something changes that need it.

Draft 5

Hey mate. Sorry for the long delay but google docs likes to crash my computer. Took me a while to work out a fix.

I'm half way through the MS and I've sent a friend request in case you want your feedback privately. It's not scalding criticism I just know that feedback can be a very personal thing for some people and didn't want to go public if you weren't comfortable with it :)

I will say publicly that you have awesome world building talents. If anyone else is interested in alternate world dieselpunk your work is definitely worth checking out.


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