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G'day everyone.

I have recently touched back down in the Western hemisphere where you can drink the tap water and have magical things like the internet everywhere you go.


Anyways, it's not all bad. With my return to the internet I can catch up with what's been happening about the place. So...

What's been doing?

Hope everyone's been writing furiously (and selling furiously). My second volume has ballooned into a full-scale novel and I'm desperately trying to wrestle it down and beat the finishing pieces of the second act into its stubborn self. The story is just getting bigger and bigger and bigger and with it the trigger date for any sort of publication gets delayed a little longer...

But people seem to really enjoy it so I shouldn't start eyeing the 'brutal edit' button yet.

Getting back to the interwebs has also allowed me to get some reviews up. Sorry it took so long David but I've FINALLY managed to get that Fistful of Reefer review up on Goodreads. Reefer Ranger should appear some way down track.

Also, for both Bard and David: I've set up a listopia list on Goodreads for New Pulp. I've put both your works up on the list as I believe they're suitably pulpy. I encourage you to both go over and vote for yourselves etc as the New Pulp audience may be one that you haven't exposed yourself to yet. May get you a bit more interest in a new audience.


So what's everyone else been up to?

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It's wedding season in my part of the world and, as a minister, I have the honor to officiate at a lot of events.  So, that's been eating up a lot of my time.  Between wedding planning, rehearsals, and other events, it really gets crazy.

Thankfully, I had time to put together our annual Halloween party last weekend.  While the weddings are nice, doing something for myself once in a while actually gives me a sense of accomplishment.

For the meantime, I put my writing project, null_channel, on hold.  I'm having a difficult time coming up with a way to make my asshole protagonist more relatable to the reader (like Richard Stark's "Parker") without making the antagonists eeeeevil or making the protagonist's motivations sound like a cliche.

Busy as always here.  Work, family, house, yard...so very little time to write. 

Good news is I have a story in the upcoming Dieselpunks Anthology from Twit Publishing.  Maybe that can be a springboard for me.  Stay tuned...

Welcome back to the West, Grant!


Thanks for the listopia list, Grant. I'll check it out for sure. I'm plugging away at two more novels. One should be out by THanksgiving and the other by Christmas. Trying to find my pot of gold.

Thanks for pointing out the list, Grant. I voted for David's books, and marked them for future reading. As far as future projects, I just finished Red-Eyed Killer, the prequel to The Troubleshooter: New Haven Blues. Currently editing and then will submit the manuscript to a professional editor for the first time in my writing career. I've learned not to trust my own eyes, so I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a pro. If anyone else in interested, Moody Edits is who I'm using, and she has a real nice deal for her services right now until the year's end. Details can be found at her website or her facebook page. And hey -NaNoWriMo is coming right up, so I have to gear up for the YA novel that I'll be working on.

Hope everyone is working hard and doing well. I'll be kicking off some cool promos soon, so I'll be sure to post them here when they kick off.

So the common theme is that everyone is busy :)

I feel a bit jealous. I hardly got any writing done while I was away so I'm falling a bit behind on all things Tommy Thunder.

Tome: Is it the sort of thing an alpha reader could help you with? Be happy to help if you need it.

Cap'n: Yeah my holiday was a 'working holiday' and I spent three weeks landscaping in 99% Thai humidity. I'm not going near the yard for quite a while :)  Congrats on the anthology.

David: No worries. Hopefully it exposes you to a few people you haven't reached yet.

Bard: Wow, that didn't take long at all. Well done. Also hope the listopia list helps.

Also, I'm getting to the point that I need to look at cover art. I'm looking at getting a 3 or 4 colour stencil art poster where I can just change the colour for each new volume of the story I release. Would anyone know any artists who are good at that sort of thing? And won't make me sign away my first born for the privilige :)

Hi Grant,

I'm still in the tent-polling phase right now.  null_channel is be a non-traditional multimedia project instead of a novel, so planning ahead of time is going to be the key to a successful launch.  I appreciate the help and will keep you in mind when I'm looking for readers.


Lol, Grant -the prequel isn't a full length novel, it's novella sized. I guess I did get through rather quick, but the vibe was right, and I had a lot to explore from New Haven Blues. Hopefully I can get edited and available by the middle of next month.


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