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For those who aren't aware of the site, Wattpad - www.wattpad.com - is a place where writers can share their work so readers can find it, connect with the author and give you feedback. I've been on there for three years now and have gone from rank amateur (very rank in some cases) to published author. I've also joined the Wattpad team. 

Part of what I do is talk about the site, but I'm also a huge fan of anything SF, whether it be the spaceships and ray guns type or some of the wonderful sub-genres like Steampunk or Deiselpunk, although I'm sure there's an argument for Alt. History in there too. But that's fine, I love that too. Harry Turtledove's World War 2 series are still some of my favourites to re-read. 

What we are doing is looking for more writers to join the site, particularly in the minority genres and it'd be grand to see some more Deiselpunk on there, if nothing else just for the fact it'd give me some more reading material. 

I'd love to connect with anyone who's interested and I know that Wattpad could benefit those of you who are self-published, established writers or just want to have a go at writing. Any questions please do ping me or you can email me on gavin@wattpad.com.

Cheers, Gav

PS You can also find me here - http://w.tt/TheOrangutan

Or look at the Featured Stories on the site here - http://w.tt/WattpadFeatured

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Hey Gavin,

I got approved. Anyway, I hear you on the variety thing. I've been on there for a little over two years and have noticed a humongous surge in boy band stories. There needs to be more variety on Wattpad!

Anyway, I've been able to connect to a lot of writers, but, as David said, connecting to readers is harder. Honestly (and this is true for most writers, not just readers), most people are picky, picky, picky! Most people on Wattpad have preferences for certain genres (or fandoms in the case of fanfiction). Since most of those are young girls, there's more demand for stories geared to their tastes. But not all girls are like that; I've seen many who complain about repeated story lines and want something different, as in something written from a guy's perspective who's actually a guy and not a girl pretending to be a guy, or girls who want more variety on minority genres. Add in most of the guys who want the current dynamic to change, and you get 4 kinds of readership.

1, girls who wanna read the same popular story lines over and over; 2, girls who wanna read the same story lines with a "different" male feel to them; 3, girls who wanna have more options in what they read, especially in the minority genres; 4, guys who want more options as well. Then add in the writers who cater to those 4 sections of the reading populace (excepting those writers that never read), you get 8 kinds of readership.

Section 1 of the reading/writing populace is bloated with repeated story lines; we are trying to change that by offering more variety. But there are 3 kinds of variety, girls who wanna read "different" stories of their favorite popular genres such as romance, girls who want more reading options in the minority genres, and guys who want more reading options in the minority genres as well. So far as I know, we're only catering to the latter two sections of the reading populace, which is rather small right now. We're gonna have to reach those readers somehow. I think the key to getting more readership variety in Wattpad is attracting more writers who cater to the latter 2 sections of the populace on that site. I'm of the opinion that readers generally follow writers; attract variety in the writers, you attract variety in the readers.


Thanks for sharing your insights. This sort of feedback is very useful to the rest of us navigating the wattpad web for ebook sales.


I loaded up samples of my steampunk novella, Slave to Marshmallows and my Dieselpunk series, Wild Marjoram, up to Wattpad.   I found some decent poetry about the Bauhaus art movement on there.  Sounds promising! :) 


Thanks for sharing.



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