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So I'm a huge fan of World War 2 fiction, but I'm not so much into the "based on a true story" thing. What I love are wunderwaffe(Wonder Weapons) and Occult or fantasy creatures/artifacts from pulp fiction and comics and the like!

Does anyone know of any good ones that they care to share? Remember, it can be a prototype of the war or even(preferably) from a comic, book, movie, or game that is detailed enough to be mentionable. Death Rays, proto laser rifles, nazi jet packs, anything sci fi.

I also want to know of any titles related to Weird World War 2, because I want to find more of those. I only know of a few.

Any Atompunk related weapons are also allowed. I would like to know of more Cold War weapons like rocket pistols and "Davy Crockett" Nuclear launchers. Just make sure to let me and everyone else know it is either Diesel or Atom.

Any good things I hear about here, I'll also add to the Dieselpunk wiki.

I'll put in a few of my own from time to time, whenever something pops into my head. This is more of an inspirational thing than anything since I know a lot of writers here like to look into things to get their own ideas(including myself).

I'll give an update after a few weeks or so. Then anyone who didn't see this one will know what's going on. I always think of the new comers(including myself... again lol).

Thanks everyone!

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Or photobucket or something. Just send a link and everyone's safe. Haha

I'll think of something. All of the issues have been converted to cbz format and they are from my original collection.

That what my Star Trek collection is in, even if it's just a bunch of modified jpegs. Have to admit, I really like the "Guided View" Comic Rack displays the issue over Comic Viewer; much along the way of comiXology.

I have a Dieselpunk series called Wild Marjoram that is basically weird WW2.  Or has that as a background.


I need one more like to get to 200!

This is an old thread, but I'd say check out my novel, Man with The Iron Heart, I think it fits nicely: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OX6R43I

Also, it's not as over-the-top, but Wolf's Hour by Robert McCammon is a pretty good more low-level weird war story about a werewolf operative for the English during the war. I just finished reading it and enjoyed it.


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