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 When the iPad first appeared and I flipped my first touchscreen page of an eBook, I knew I was holding the future in my hands. The more I poked at the device the more I was convinced it was a time machine that would bring me into the future. At the iPads debut, there was already a lot of content on it and I wanted to participate. I knew it was possible to get a book on this thing, because I was looking at the results in my hands. I just needed to know how the others did it. I wondered how the participating companies did it, and asked myself… "How hard could it be?"

 It took a little time, but with a little trial-and-error to find out what I didn't know. I eventually pieced it together. The e-publishing puzzle was a little time consuming but didn't end up being all that difficult. Now I'll grant you that I have an extensive background in web development, and I'm sure that helped when developing iPad/eBook content in early months of the iPads existence. However, I was still able to show other non-tech people how to do it.

 If I remember correctly the iPad arrived in April 2010? The first one that made its way into my family was on Fathers Day, June 2010. My first eBook "Creating 3D Models from 2D Cartoon Characters" was on sale online in September 2010, then on the iBookstore by Oct 2010.

 Since then it's only gotten easier to get onto any eReader you want. Anyone who has a computer can shove an eBook into the global marketplace. All you have to do is write one…

 I'll prove it to you with this ePub primer.

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I basically walked through the ePub primer to publish the DPES. if you;re not familiar with that you can find our more here http://www.dieselpunks.org/group/authors/forum/topics/dieselpunk-an...

i just wanted to let you know that as of 18 FEB 2013 this info is still good. i was actually a little surprised that there were only 3 differences that i could see.

1 - the bowker ISBN setup is slightly different than i remember it but it still works the same way.

2 - smashwords now lets you upload an ePub that doesn't have to follow their "no formatting format." if you want to use them as an aggregator you'll still have to follow their style guide. but if you just want to sell your ebook on their site, as long as you ePub functions correctly, it will accept if for direct sales on smashwords. 

3 - itunes connect now lets you do targeted promotions and identify target customer types. (which is pretty cool)


oops, i thought of another difference.

the minimum cover width for the iBookstore is now 1400px. so any aggregators that you're going to use to publish to ibooks will most likely pick up that requirement.



Apparently ISBNs are no longer required to get on the iBookstore directly. Apple's documentation now says "not required, but recommended."



Barnes and Noble has officially changed their 'pub-it' tool to 'nookpress'


they both co-existed for awhile, but now it's official. if you had a pubit account it transfers right over. i'll make a new procedure for the new tool. it's basically the same, but different enough to mix you up if you follow the old one you might get mixed up



Here is the new ebook upload procedure for nooks. If you don't have barnes and nobel account it only takes a minute to set one up. if you have a pubit account set up and you discover nook press when you expect to find pub-it, don't worry the account is essentially transferrable. anyone who has used pub-it in the past might like the new 'sales reposting' better.

1 go to.


2 log in

3 click create new project.
it will ask you to create a project name, this doesn't have to be the title, but i used it anyway

4 click create.
the screen that follows is like a checklist. basically you run through it an add your content.

5 Upload Manuscript File
you have the option to upload a doc/docx file, txt, rtf, html or epub. there is new option called Start Writing, this is basically a cut and paste option. i uploaded an epub.

6 Preview
there is an option to preview it online in a nook emulator, i aways hit these out of curiosity, plus to check if something is obviously wrong.

7 Cover Image
click the cover image button. They now take jpg or png files between 5k and 2 mb. They recommend a cover image at least 1400 pixels wide. (i used a jpg at 1400 to get under the 2mb limit)

a pop asks, 'would you like to add this cover image to your manuscript?" i'm assuming this will swap the cover image for the one embedded in the epub file. I opted not to switch.

8 click upload. if it looks right, keep going.

9 Nook Book Details
This sections asks for title, pub date, publisher, description, contributors, categories, and rights and pricing. (you can also enter you ISBN if you have one)

when you get the categories page, the pull down is a little weird. it says you can add up to 4 categories, but there isn't an add button. the multiple category option is actually inside the pull down.

10 pricing
the minimum price is .99. i was hoping with the updated system we'd be able to toggle free off and on.

11 publish
once you get through all the check boxes, hit the green publish button.

Our new ePulp, was live within 24 hours.

ta da.



1 Go to http://www.kobobooks.com
2 Scroll to the bottom on the page and look for the link that says "writing life"
3 If you don't have a kobo account, click create an account. If you do have a kobo account, log in.
4 The next page is a dashboard of your writing life (aka kobo publishing account) activity.
3 Click the "eBooks" link in the top navigation bar.
5 Click "Create a New Book".

The Kobo upload tool is very easy to use from this point forward. It's divided into 5 sections.

* 1 Describe your ebook.

It asks for..
- title
- author
- pub date
- the cover

The cover section says it takes JPGs and PNGs under 2 MB. for some reason I've run into trouble with PNGs displaying properly in the past. on this site so I only upload JPGs now.

- ISBN if you have an ISBN number for your ebook make sure you put it in the eISBN field. If you don't it causes a mix up with your book. The other ISBN field now says "Primary Print ISBN". I'm pretty sure that used to say "Primary ISBN". Maybe they changed it because other people ran into a problem too. If you don't have an ISBN, kobo assigns a local ID number akin to an Amazon AISN.
- Select a subject category for your ebook.
- Synopsis.

This is the blurb that will sit with your ebook on the store. If there is a character limit, it's not indicated.

- When you are done hit "Save and Next".

* 2 Add eBook
- Find your ebook file on your computer and upload it. iIt takes a few minutes to process.
- Once the book is processed there is a "download and preview" option. I always click this out of curiosity, and to make sure something didn't happen to the ebook during the upload churn.
- Click "next" to continue.

* 3 Chose Content Rights.

There are two check boxes on the page.
- Apply Digital Rights Management
- Geographic Rights

I turn-off the DRM box and turn-on Worldwide Rights. When you're done his save and next.

* 4 Set the price
This page lists all of the countries where kobo has an ebookstore or market presence. The cost automatically calculates exchange rates across countries by the USD price you set. If you want you can also set costs for specific countries. This could be a benefit if you want to do to sale prices or promotions, in different countries.

- When you're don't click 'save and next'

* 5 Publish your eBook
If all the check boxes in the publishing steps are green, you are good to go.

- When you're ready hit the 'Publish eBook' button.

That's it.

You are in the Kobo publishing queue. Kobo can take a couple of days to add your ebook to the store.

-- Getting Paid by Kobo

To get paid by kobo, all they need is your account number and routing number. they do direct deposits 45 days after you reach a minimum threshold of $100 dollars. if you don't make the $100 buck with in 6 months, they pay you want ever amount is owed at the time.

This primer helped me get my steampunk novella, Slave to Marshmallows, into many an E-bookstore. Thanks, John! :) 


Congrats on expanding your e-publishing reach. I'm glad the e-pub primer was useful.


Hi John!

This primer is outstanding.  It eliminated the fear and trepidation of self-publishing.  To date I have 3 novels and a novella in the Kindle store and should have 2 more novels there in a couple weeks.  Next will be to get them on iBooks, Nook, and Kobo.  Thanks ever so much for taking the time to share your knowledge.


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