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I went and finally got myself a Sidecar rig.

I am working it over a lil...but I will try and get some good pics up soon.

Here's a lil teaser.

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Looking forwards to seeing the finished project.

Capital! I'm excited to see more.

Here is a lil update...


Is it a Ural?

Sgt Monster said:

Here is a lil update...



It's a 90's vintage Sportsman.

Full time 2 wheel drive.

Let it snow...bah.

Got it cheap...it had major electricial problems...and the carbs where gummed up.

The seller thought it had 5756 miles on it.

Didn't have the heart to tell him that the odometer is in KM.

This is really why I bought it...



It came with a child?  That's an odd trade.

Sgt Monster said:

This is really why I bought it...



Ah yes! Fond memories.

In 1958 I bought a sidecar bike in a basket. It was a 1937 Ariel Red-Hunter with a left mounted hack. It had a girder front end with friction shocks. It had a 650cc single that would throw me over the headset when it kicked back on starting.

It was a wild ride for the passenger in a left-hand hack as he would face oncoming traffic. The scariest ride for the co-rider is to sit backwards in the hack. It is a true measure of trusting the driver.

I had the 1937 Owner's Handbook which taught motorcycle attitude as well as handling tips for a sidecar.

"Always cross tram lines at a bias else you will 'come a cropper!'"

"Always motor gently out of your driveway else you will disturb your neighbors."

I loved the bike, but could not afford a restoration. Being a 1937 English Motorbike, every time I drove it something would fall off. (This was pre-Locktite)

Here is a '27 but it is close to a '37 Ariel Single:

I sold it to a British Collector. I still love her and miss her.

Thanks for posting this impressive motorcycle. Good luck on your restoration.


I wouldn't call it a 'restoration', more of a kit-bash. LOL.

I got it going the other day...thought I had all the electrical problems solved.

I did....until the alternator went south on me. I am thinking about dumping a charging system altogether for the short term and going total loss electrical with a deep cycle battery in the trunk for a little bit.

My wife wants to mount an alternator on the tub, with a propeller fitted so it turns as we go down the road.

I am ok with the idea....lol.

Tome Wilson said:

It came with a child?  That's an odd trade.

Not really...he's my first bit of farkle.


Good job, Sgt!


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