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With "found footage" movies dominating the horror genre thanks to their zero budget production values, I wonder how long it will take before they tap the historical angle?

What are your bad movie ideas?

  • The Ring 1924 - Flappers and frat boys are stalked by a ghost whose last words (and screams) were captured on a dictaphone cylinder by her sadistic killer.  Anyone who listens to the wax cylinder is marked for death by the ghost unless they can pass it to another victim within seven days.
  • Paranormal Activity 5 - The paranormal investigators from the first film become obsessed with learning more about this haunted family and the string of murders surrounding their bloodline.  While searching through the family records, they learn that great-grandfather was a film director in the 1930s and that several reels from his personal library still existed and were available at a film preservation archive.  The movie follows the investigators' efforts in restoring the unlabeled reels while trying to piece together the chronology of great-grandfather's own haunting experience.  Is what they're seeing real, or is it an elaborate hoax?  At first, the ghostly scares can be rationalized as film damage or director's tricks, but eventually what's seen on the film couldn't possibly be anything but a real haunting.

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